Remembering things that never happened?

Has anyone experience or witnessed after surgery someone "remembering" something that never occurred? Joe, 30 days post surgery, asked me this evening what was the name of our boy cat. He could not remember it's name. We don't have a boy cat. We have three female cats. He named them, but said he could not recall the name of the fourth cat. When he described it, he described a cat we have never owned. He said he let it in this evening. Joe was not upset and seemed OK when I explained we don't have a fourth cat. But he described us owning it for several years. Is this odd???

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You'd better check there isn't an alien under the bed! Just in case he let a stray in! If he is still taking a load of narcotic painkillers or anti-seizure meds he could be hallucinating and seeing things that aren't there. Otherwise I have no suggestions to make, except to say that I have trouble remembering things that happened and, in particular, how long ago. Could he be remembering a childhood pet?

Perhaps someone else here will have a better explanation.


Hi Patrick,

What a wonderful supportive partner you are! There is alot about the Brain that the doctors dont understand. The mind is linked to the Soul. Often after a trauma the mind protects itself by putting itself in a safe place. This is why some people have out of body experiences and recall past lives experiences. It is a place between consciousness and the expanded consciousness. It could be that Joe found himself in that place. It a place of healing and protection. Once Joe's mind is less traumatised and has healed more he may be able to tell you who this cat was.

Jennifer x

Hi Patrick...I don't know what to say, however, if you are very concerned, call the Neurologist and question it...~ Colleen

Patrick, Depending on the amount of trauma, it could take awhile to get back to “normal”. About a week after surgery, my partner says I was sitting in a chair next to my hospital bed. She says that I was holding my cell phone above me head and was trying to take a picture to send to my mom. I have absolutely no recollection of it. Since it has been a month after surgery, you might want to touch base with the doctor. You might also check the meds he is currently on and see what the side effects are for them. It does take awhile to heal. Take Care, Mary

hi! no that is not odd- oddly enough i thought their were cats in the hospital having seen" them !!-i believe it was a vivid dream-i believed they were real!it took me weeks to finally sort it all out.i also thought my neighbor was there and a nurse from work! so im thinking it was a dream he had. Most of my time at hospital was spent unconsious or in a coma so to sort out reality was difficult. i never told anyone about the cats that i recall anyway-i wish that i had a journal that family, friends and nurses could have wrote in until i was able to update but then again maybe its best not recalling too much. The reality i do remember was more bizaar and surreal than the dreams!! my first roomie in rehab hospital was an Amish boy whos family came and prayed every day, 2nd one was a gunshot victum shot 6 times and third was a mans dear wife who brought us fresh fruit every day!! i'm now wondering -did these things happen? i think so??? Good thoughts & prayers for you & all!

Thanks! I value the feedback! Yes, we have weird funny moments. When Joe was coming out from under the sedation they asked him who was president. He couldn't name the president but said its wasn't Romney and it wasn't Richard Gere.