Recovery- vacation planned

Can you please share your experience with Recovery after clipping of unruptured aneurysm. I am having surgery 2nd week in Dec. Will I be able to go on a trip planned to jamaica on Jan 15? It is planned for my bf and me to celebrate 10 years together and 7 yrs in business together.

I had my unruptured anuerysms (the 2nd one was a surprise) on July 6. I was still taking daily naps 4 weeks post surgery, but did return to taking dance classes at week 4. I started back to work mid-August when teachers returned to school. It was an exhausting week.

If you plan on just hanging out & enjoying the tropics while everyone is freezing back at home, then you may be ok. I know that I probably wouldn't have been up for a "typical" vacation with my husband that soon--lots of SCUBA, hiking, sightseeing.

Double check with your surgeon & see what he/she says.

I would make sure to keep the scar covered so it doesn't sunburn. It may still be a little tender. I wore caps & scarves for about 2 months after surgery to protect the scar from the sun and because I wasn't comfortable having it & my shaved hair visible yet.

I managed to leave "clipped" out of that first sentence....

Thank you for your response. I will check with my surgeon when we meet on Monday.

I can't speak to clipping recovery, but I flew to Mexico 7 weeks post coiling and stent (with a slower recovery than normal because of a few factors that ended up being fine, just slowed me down a bit more). The biggest challenge was my fear of travel post surgery, and going to a foreign country, but it was fine, and good to get away. Reassurance that life does go on, and pushing past the fear was a good step in remembering that life does go on (and can be fun!).

Glad you posted on FORUM, I just wrote you on the members page - didn't see that you'd already made it over here!


ps - I did take some naps....but figured if I was tired and still a little in recovery mode, may as well do that in the tropics than at home!


Thirty days seems pretty aggressive after clipping surgery. Location of the aneruysm and type of surgery may largely dictate how well you recover. My wife was not ready to do anything in that time frame although her clipping was done 17 years ago and surgical procedures are much better now. I would suggest you consider plan B just in case it take a little extra time. Keep in mind that Jamaica is not the U.S. and its medical system is not on par with the U.S. if you have any complications. Medical insurance coverage is another matter you need to consider. I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but my wife and I have been down this road already!


You make a really good point about medical system in Jamaica, etc. I talked to my doctor today and she said it might be possible but couldn't promise anything. I will look into post-poning the trip and hopefully the travel company will be understanding.


Sounds like a great time and as long as your doctor says go for it then GO FOR IT!!!

Have a great trip...Prayers and thoughts on your up coming surgery..


Nicole, I had an unruptured annie clipped on April 20, 2011. Unfortunately a staph infection ensued and didn't raise it's ugly head until 5weeks after surgery. I then had to have emergency surgery to clean the wound and started recovering all over again. You just need to make sure you can get the medical treatment should something like an infection arise. My neuro surgeon told me to expect feeling a bit normal 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. Hope all goes well with the surgery; I'll send prayers your way.

Thank you Arleen.