Recovery Process

Hey y’all… I’m 24 and suffered a ruptured aneurysm February 4 2012. Had emergency surgery to clip it on Feb 6. I stayed in the hospital at UT Southwestern in Dallas until Feb 17. I’ve been home recovering slowly but surely since then. A couple of setbacks with acid reflux, maybe from all the medications I was on and the stress/trauma of it all, now being treated with Prilosec by my primary doctor… Then this dumb sinus infection or just REALLY bad allergies. Mine are bad every spring but ugh…

Anyways, my question is… Do you ever just cry for no reason? Or get into a bad mood even though you have felt good most of the day? I just feel so overwhelmed with the little issues since I’ve been home, all of the paperwork, and medical bills rolling in. I start back to work on a light schedule Monday, maybe that will be good for me to feel kinda normal again and out of the house, ya know? I’m half wondering if these feelings are subconscious and I need to just cry it out. Just curious if this is par for the course in relation to the surgery/recovery process?! Sometimes I’m great then I’ll just cry. I NEVER cried before this. Especially “for no reason.”

Thanks for your responses.

I have cried for no reason many times I think its our bodies going thru all the changes. If you want to cry do it....

Hi Robin...Can I tell you? Your crying or emotional is is part of this journey...I think it is numerous things...the injury to the brain, the meds esp anesthia (sp?), the realization of what could have happened to us, etc., it does get better, it just takes time, and lots of rest so the brain can heal...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

Thank you, it is just very strange for me. But I’m doing alright. Just taking it one day at a time!

Yes… I told my neurosurgeon during my follow up how I cry so easily now. Before, I very rarely ever cried. Now just the smallest thing can send me to tears. For the first few weeks, it was seeing all of the love and support from everyone to me and my family. Now, it is the stress of all the bills coming in, and knowing that social security will probably deny me assistance since I am doing so well… I start back to work on a modified schedule Monday. I think it will be good for me to get out of the house so I don’t have so much time to think. I know God has His hands on me and this situation, and that I shouldn’t let worry and fear in, but it is just hard. I’m so young and I am a very responsible person so I want to do Chen right thing… But right now I just need to take it easy and focus on recovering. Something will work out. He did not bring me this far to leave me. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and response, Colleen.

Thank you, Jim. It’s kind of foreign to me, as I’m not big on emotional displays… But now they just come out of nowhere. Honestly, I’m so grateful to be alive, I don’t really care who sees. It’s just odd to crying when I’ve felt fine all day/nothing happened that would make me cry.

thats part of the healing process, we been through trauma to say the least. If it keeps on talk to your gp and he might send you for a exam. good luck and keep us posted. I cried a few weeks after i was home and it hit me what happened to me , it gets better.

Thank you, Laurie! It has gotten better, and of course, some days are better than others! I’m still kind of in shock of it all, I think. Then when I see pictures, and read the cards and notes everyone has sent, I get really touched to the point of tears. That’s okay, though. I’m alive, and a few tears never hurt! We are all strong people who have been blessed to still experience the gift of life! Praise God :slight_smile:

I had a bit of stomach trouble too (I was coiled though, not clipped) and I got a horrid sinus infection that took a doctor visit with antibiotics and steroids to clear up....never had anything like it before!!!

I have been recovering since mine on December 30th and I still have "emotional" days where any and everything or nothing can make me burst into tears. Even yesterday, a simple thing set me off for the day so every frustration or tension made me teary-eyed. I get very frustrated and angry much easier than I used to and pray that soon those days will go away!!! I think we are just recovering!!!

Thank you, Tera! These little issues that occurred before my aneurysm rupture just seem so much bigger during this recovery. It is difficult to just keep pressing forward, but we have to. I think my little outbursts have gotten better, but they still happen. I too get much more frustrated easier than I did pre rupture… And although I’m young, I’ve always been a “no nonsense” type! Short fused and impatient at times, now. I notice it’s worse when I haven’t slept well, or have done too much. I know I’m early in recovery (10 weeks post rupture Saturday night, 10 weeks post surgery Monday afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon marks 8 weeks since I came home from the hospital) but all of these changes are a lot to deal with. I’m staying strong in my faith, praying, and just taking it one day at a time. That’s all we can do, right? This recovery is tough on our bodies and minds. I believe we need to be kind to and patient with ourselves. Accept the new us, instead of trying to force this us into who we were. It’s okay. I’m still trying to process how a very experienced team of neurosurgeon’s thought upon my arrival at UT Southwestern that there was nothing they could do for me. That’s a tough realization for anyone, especially because I didn’t even know I was sick and definitely not fatally ill. And I’m only 24, supposed to be living my life to the fullest and all… That was quite a shocker when he told me that on March 6… But here I am, mostly well, almost 0 deficits from my rupture/surgery. Praise to God!! This is rough… But I’m dealing with it.

Have a good day, everyone! Thank you all for the time taken to reply to me. I appreciate the support very much. Feels good to know I’m “not the only one” and I’m sure y’all can relate. God bless! :slight_smile:


In reading your note here, my Neuro asked me if I ever saw a therapist, and I looked at him, and he said you may need to at some's like he knew that I may. I do have a wonderful therapist that I go and talk to about stuff. She sent me a beautiful card when I was in the hospital, I had to cx our appt, she has since called me just to see how I'm doing. I'd say I'm doing great. But I will probaly go see her after my FU with Neuro. Families and friends mean well, but they realy don't understand what were going through. My opinion anyway. Hope this helps.

Robin you are so early in the healing journey...and your emotions are is a roller coaster, but does get better with time and rest...~ Colleen

Thank you, it does help. I’m really considering therapy just to get some help dealing with this. I will ask my neuro when I see him again June 5. That’s kind of your therapist to check up on you. My pastor drove to Dallas to pray over me/with my family the morning of my surgery. He’s a great man. One of my co workers pastors also came down and prayed with me and my big brother who flew down from Ohio to be with me, too. That support is invaluable, and I’m forever grateful. Thank you.

Thank you for the reassurance that it does get better. I was just never like this “before,” and it’s hard. I’ve always had an upbeat, optimist outlook on life, and I still do… It just seems to be buried, or harder to reach, maybe. I know I’m early in, I just want to feel somewhat normal, is all. Thank you.

Robin, like you, I never cried----ok, rarely, but NEVER for no is 2 years post rupture for me and I still find myself weepy---although not as often! ...Yeah! The odd thing is- I have no control over it! When I feel "weepy", there's no stopping the tears- that being said--it is part of the healing process---Really, you had a ruptured brain aneurysm-brain surgery...