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I went in Tuesday for an angiogram/stent for an aneurysm on my left internal carotid artery. The surgeon ended up not putting the stent in because my artery loops and “kinks”. He did say that the aneurysm was not sacular but dissecting. He told my husband that was “better”? I’m waiting to find out more at my follow up appointment. I have had a fever however since the evening of my angiogram. This is day 3. I called the doctor and he didn’t seem too concerned because my puncture site doesn’t look infected. Has anyone had this happen to them? Also, have any of you had a dissecting aneurysm corrected? I’m concerned that I won’t ever be able to correct my aneurysm because of the way my artery loops.

I had a pseudoaneurysm in the petrous segment of my left internal carotid artery stented with the Pipeline last year. It was bulging in two places and was days from rupture. My carotid did a very tight loop right before the pseudoaneurysm and there was no problem. It hasn’t gone away yet, but it is getting smaller.

Hello. It was recently discovered that both of my internal carotid arteies appear to look like a string of pearls. Are you familiar with Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD) ? I had an aneurysm clipped in 2015 and continued having headaches, dizziness, etc… after the fact. I was diagnosed with FMD in August 2017 via angiogram. It is abnormal cellular development with in the artery and hinders blood flow to the brain. It causes dissections, tears, strokes, TIA’s and aneurysms. FMD occurs in otger arterial beds as well. It is considered rare because less than 200, 000 cases have been documented. Many doctors are not familiar with FMD and do not recognize it when seen on scans. Visit * FMDSA.ORG for additional information and insight. I recently became apart of the National Registry for the FMD Program at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Documentation of cases and research funding is needed.Consider asking your physician about FMD if not but for any reason other than an attempt to rule this out. Your doctor may not consider this if he/she is not familiar with it. I pray all goes well and you feel better!


*Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America

Thank you for your replies! I’m glad to hear that others have had loops and kinks and were able to get a stent. That makes me feel better if they find mine continues to grow. I have never heard of FMD but will will mention it to my doctor. In fact, it says a symptom of FMD is high blood pressure which I suddenly have (I am a healthy active 38 year old)… very interesting.

You were right… I had my follow up with my neurosurgeon and he thinks I have FMD. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

Praying all is well. Keep me posted on your follow-ups and updates!


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September 6, 2005

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