RE:unruptured aneurysm or imagination

5-6 months ago I had an episode of psychosis lasting two weeks the first and better be last time.

In the episode I had racing thoughts where my chest was beating so fast and hard I had to call 911 a lot of times. At one point I felt I was either going to die or simply pass out. One time my heart was racing so fast I got a sudden hard halting feeling as if someone kicked me straight in the heart.

At the end I was continuously blocking out bad thoughts. At 8pm on the end I could feel and hear a pop/tear sound in the right area of my brain. When I tried to think I got a hundreds of jabbing pains in the spot and when my mind was clear I would feel inflamination/hotness. The right side of my face was somewhat numb and I had blurry vision the right eye. I went to bed at 11pm.

I woke up with just sharp jabbing pains in the same area my brain and not anywhere near so bad from yesterday. The next few days the sharp pains continued until they were gone. But I could feel or felt something different since. I went to my primary doctor 5 weeks after and I got blood work done, pee work, and got an mri w/contrast of brain, and met with two neurologists. The reports are negative and the neurologists say I’m fine and that it is all in my head.

It is 3 months since the MRI and I don’t feel right. I believe I feel a consistent annoyance in the right hemisphere brain. The continuous dull annoyance pressure feeling moves front to back right my head all day. MRI w/contrast is negative and neurologists say it is all in my mind.

Do you think a person can cause brain artery damage without rupturing an artery nor enlarging it enough to see on an MRI w/contrast? That is my thought on what is going on.

I am 1/2 OCD too I can’t deny. One of the neurologists think it was not psychosis I had, rather a bad episode of OCD. When I cough or move bowels I feel some pressure right side my forehead.

What are your thoughts? Do I need an MRA? Do I try to simply forget? Anxiety and stress related? Are the symptoms I feel and describing even associated with an aneurysm?


Matthew, I would at least get a second opinion. Have someone else look at test results.


My MRI was read as normal, no anerysms. My MRA, with and without contrast, which was done AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME PLACE showed 2 aneurysms, and a very small 3rd one was found when they went in to coil the largest of the 3. I don’t want to add to your fears, but your symptoms sound real, and my MRI said normal. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this - keep us posted!