Questions about the new format? Ask them here!

Got questions about our new format? Just ask! We’ll post answers as quickly as we can.

Hello, is there a guide on how to use the Support Community Board?

There sure is, Thankful! If you click on the “Welcome” tab in the banner, you will see a couple of very useful threads on using Discourse. Here are the shortcuts for you:

Using Discourse
Getting Started in Discourse

Give us a shout if there’s anything else we can help with!

What happened to the “GROUPS” that we belonged to? Also, how do yo email a “FRIEND” from the former site on the new site?

Hi Patty6, unfortunately Groups were not transferred to the new format. To message a friend, you can select the “Members” tab and then type in their username. Select their name and hit “Message.” I hope this helps!

Meli from Mod Support

I missed the recent webinar, when can I view it?

Hey starbirder! Shoot an email to the folks at BAF. I’m not sure when they get posted. You can look for it in YouTube as well. Sorry I can’t help any more than that

Starbirder, if you look at the webinar thread, you will see the “late viewing” information. I thought I had sent you a notification. If you didn’t receive it, let ModSupport know. I’m still learning how to ride this here horse!

yes, yes, thank you all, busy with election…ugh and getting use to this site…will watch asap…

Hi Mod, I am unable to do this in the system! Can you post more specifics? Also, there is an error message if i try to click on the “Contact us” tab

I am unable to view any of the replies to your post. How can you do this?

Hi Cathy! Do you mean you are unable to message other members? And I also can’t view the contact us tab- I’ll notify our team and we will get it sorted. Thanks for the heads up!


Hi again! Which post are you referring to?


i cant message other members

What has happened to all the great groups that used to exist? The PED group, the unruptured annie group, the europe group…I cant find them. Are they gone? (I hope not, they were extremely useful!!) If they are gone, can they be recreated?

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Cathy, you’ve “met” Meli, and you’ve “met” TJ. This is Seenie, the third member of Moderator Support. There’s a quirk, if you want to call it that, of this format: posting looks almost the same as messaging. When you said you couldn’t see posts, I think you were looking at private messages, which of course won’t appear on a thread like this.

You switch to the private message mode when you click on a person’s avatar (picture) and select the “message” button. Then you will see little blue or grey envelope icons on your page. That’s private messaging.

On this screen, you don’t see any envelope icons. “Reply” puts up a public post.

“Reply” --> Public Board
"Message" (or envelope icon) --> Private Message.

It’s simple when you know, but it causes confusion before you do. And I will admit that it took me, at my age, a long time to figure that one out.


You can message members by clicking on their avatar (picture) and then clicking “message”. To send, click “Message”. That is all private.

The cool thing (when you get your head around it) is that you can post a public reply on the discussion board, and without leaving the screen (discussion thread) you can click on their avatar and send them a private message.

Just remember Reply” is a public post
and Message” is a private communication.


Cathy, this format doesn’t have separate groups. We are all one group now. But ask any questions in a new topic and the folks interested will reply back. Hang in there!

Here is the link to our webinar library with the most recent one we did last week.