Questions about recoiling and having a stent put in

I am a survivor of a cerbral aneurysm which happened on Oct 6, 2011. I was at work (I am a LPN). I had a 6 month angiogram done on Apr 3,2012 and my Doctor came in and told my husband and I that my coils had compacted, and that I would need to be recoiled and a stent needs to be put in. So if anyone could help me out with what to expect I would greatly appreciate it. He (my doctor said it`s a one night procedure) and that I would have to take plavix and a asparin the week before and for 3 months after and problem and asparin for the rest of my life. If anyone out there can shed any light on this procedure I would really really appreciate it. Thanks A Lot!!!!! Tiffany Davis

When given a choice, many patients opt for the clipping procedure because it avoids this type of problem. Since you have coils you'll need to stick with them and the stent. From the responses I've read, you should be OK and not have much of a problem outside of possible headaches. Good luck!

Tiffany, welcome (I think you are new here?)

At least your dr told you that you needed a stent, but did he tell you why and where; and, if it is being implanted "off-label"? The off-label relates to the use of the stents that is diffeerent than the FDA-approved use.

I have coils and stents... after a f/up I was put on plavix...and, it was stopped early due to reactions.

A peer of ours in the UK had a plavix sampling (via blood-tests) before going in for her treament... Ask your MD why sampling is being done in UK, and none that we know of here in the USA? Maybe it is, and we just don't know it....

Prayers for your f/up...


Hi Tiffany...if I can think of any of the names of people re~coiled I will write you...but sometimes my mind forgets...You have my prayers sweetie...~ Cyber~prayers and hugs your way ~ Colleen

Hi Tiffany,ciao from Italy.
I’m a survivor too, I had my rupture on February,16,2009 and my Annie was coiled.
In september 2009 I had first angio control and my doctor told me I need to get a stent due to annie ricanalization.
He told me there was any urgency to do it.
I had my PED flow diverter stent put on January, 2010, and after 2 nights in the hospital I came back home.
After 4 days I was back to work.
Since January, 2010 I have several check up with RM and angio and everything seems ok.
You can find more info in the PIPELINE EMBOLIZATION GROUP , just ask to join it.
Good luck and take care of you.

Thank you Giovanni for letting me how your stent turned out. And thanks for the PED info. Have a good day.Tiffany

Thanks Giovanni for the info I really appriecate it. Tiffany

Hi Tiffany. I have not had recoiling but I wanted to wish you all the best. I will certainly keep you in my prayers. Do you have a date yet?

Jo, congrats on your successful results...and, the detail explained to you; and in getting the fed consent forms provided and explained...

Blood tests are always done before surgery; sampling done for Gill in UK was a four day run on plavix...well before treatment to determine plavix status w/her.

The FDA approved stents are for concommitant use w/coiling of a wide-neck aneurysm. When they are used for another purpose, the exception of use is supposed to be reviewed / approved by the local IRB to support thee consent form...

The facilities and/or suppliers are supposed to provide annual usage to FDA to remain in that 4000 range.

You were blessed w/quality care of the treatment, to the details, i.e. the consent forms and your neuro doc explaining to you. These forms are not commonly used, nor are the stents written into the patient's records which suggests they are not reported for the FDA to track the 4000 volume annual limit.

My only curious question is if the consent form and explanation was your morning of treatment; or when you were in the intro/decision making process; i.e. why the need for a stent.

Delighted for your quality care; prayers for a grand recovery; many wishes for a Happy Easter.

Happy Easter, Jo,

For your smile, please know my personal opinions / interpretations are non-degreed and non-licensed.

The FDA CDRH (CDHR?) has the site on the low usage devices; the Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) and the Humanitarian Use Device (HUD). there is much intro/detail on the FDA site on the process.

To leave your Happy Easter w/your eggs; only two questions now (wait 'til later); 1)were you given the patient labeling of the device to read, reserach and ask questions or, were the potentials of allergies, device ingredients, or anything else included in the consent form? 2) How was contrast media, aka contrast dye, reviewed with you re: potential reactions and the Pituitary-Adrenal System?

RE: genetics potential; I know several who definitely have familial connections; a local peer/friend lost her father a decade+ prior; and one of her sons two years prior to her rupture. Unfortuanely, the genetic research had been done, but not addressed w/her/family at the time of loss of her son. I met her thru a mutual friend who knew I had had an aneurysm rupture. There are a number of others I know who have had others i ntheir family affected.

When you are rested, let me know for more discussion.

NOW, for Easter, enjoy your family and those eggs...presumably deviled for the texture and flavoring; love them curried.


Hi Tiffany, 6 months ago I had a recoiling & a stent put in, as my aneusrym was growing. I was in the hospital for one nite & spent a nite in the hotel as I live about6 hrs from the hospital. I have felt good & havent' had any headaches since. Just a ittle pressure on the side of my head where the aneusrym was. On the 17th i go back for another angiogram to see how things are. I start my plavix again starting tomorrow, & the worrying has begun. I've been on aspirin since I've had the aneusrym l8 months ago. Will be thinking of you.

Take care.


Thank you for replying to my discussion. I am so nervous and scared about getting my annie recoiled and a stent put in. Please let me know how thing go for you on the 17th I will pray for good news.

Thanks again


Tiffany, Can't blame you for being nervous, I'm feeling the same way. Started my plavix today & the worrying has begun. I've got a great doctor & the staff in the icu are great, but its just the thought of having another annie, scares me. We're still watching one, just hope it hasn't grown. Am really hoping for a good report, gotta have one one of these days. Right?

I'm keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.


please keep me posted on your results. I will be praying for a good outcome. You have really helped me in more ways than you will ever know. Keep positive thoughts about your procedure and keep good thoughts in your head. That is what I have been trying to do about my procedure on the 19th. I will start my Plavix and 325mg of aspirin on the 12th. Personally I thought 325mg of aspirin was a bit much. But I will talk to my doctor on tomorrow.

Did you have a lot of medication to take after the recoiling?

I'm sending lots of prayers and happy thoughts your way!!!


Hi, No I had no medication to take after the recoiling &stent except I took Plavix for additional 3 monthes & my 325mg aspirin, twice a day. Was really tired for awhile but was back to work within a week. Like Jo said, i did have alot of bruising & always worried of cutting myself & bleeding because of the thinners. Thinking good thoughts for you.


Thanks Aggie I really appreciate yours and Jo comments and letting me know what to expect on the 19th and then after my recoiling and stent. Thank you guys so so much for responding to me. May God Bless You All. Today has been rough I am terrified of doing my procedure, I have so much anxiety and nervousness.
(Any thoughts as to how and ease those feelings) I guess this is just a bad day. My husband had to work and I really miss my security blanket when he is gone.

Thanks a Million


Jo, you made me smile a lot...tell you some other time...


My only question is why and where the stent is needed this time? The brain stents are approved by the FDA for concommittant use w/coiling of a wide-neck aneurysm, and, when used differerntly, needs a complete explanation and consent form. Jo provided info on consent forms for them recently and, sorry I cannot direct you!

Prior to a consent form, and implanting, the patient labeling of the brand used, w/likely be provided well before the consent form to give patients time to review, research, and ask any questions they may have.

I do have multiple stents...

Hi Pat my stent will be place over my coils to keep them in place. The Doctor will also have to put some more coils in because mine have compacted. He said it is best to place a stent in the make sure that the coils don't try to come out or move around. I hope this answers your question. I am really unsure as to any thing else. I feel like I am in a dream(sometimes).

Thanks for your responses I really do enjoy reading them,

Have a wonderful day!!!!!