This is what is in the report from my mom's first CT scan before the surgery. Can someone please help me to understand it?

4 mm posteriorly directed and lobulated right P-comm origin aneurysm.
Patent intra-and extracranial cerebral arteries.
-Calcific plaque causing severe LECA origin stenosis.
Cystic mass in the right thyroid lobe.

I understand about the thyroid, she does have a goiter, so that was no surprise.

Too Sweet For Me,

Your Mom's Neurosurgeon is the best person to explain your Mom's CT scan to you. I hope that the surgeon can explain it to you in human terms. Ask the surgeon what possible impact of the aneurysm may cause, share all known post surgery problems that your Mom may exhibit, and post surgery procedures that need to be scheduled (i.e. angiogram) or physical therapy that is needed.

Your Mom is lucky to have you.

Best of Luck

Thank you, I will. She has an appointment on 7/22 and I already have a list of questions that I want to ask.