I was recently diagnosed with a brain aneurysm a little bit over two weeks ago. Today I have been having some weakness in my right hand. I had problems with holding and lifting a glass that I was drinking out of it. Is this normal? I also feel very dizzy on the right side of my head. The aneurysm is on the right side of my head. Right above my eye. As far as doctors can tell it is a unruptured aneurysm. I was diagnosed after I suffered TIA which put me in the hospital for three days.

I think you should contact your neuro doctor straight away to get it checked out.


~ Call your Neurologist/Neurosurgeon...and/or if you are getting worse ... go to your ER...right away ~ Gotcha in my Thoughts Colleen

hello- i agree with Judith & Colleen especially since my anuerysm is on the right side but the left side of head and body is affected,the right side of the brain controls the left and vice versa. i don't know much about tia's tho-did the tia affect your right side or did they say tia could return in a mild manner? i thought they come in a series- not sure. So please call your dr- i know its prob the last thing you want to do now that you just got out of the hospital recently. i would call the last tia dr first- he will be able to advise appropriatly. Good luck J. We'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers-You have been thru so much please follow thru with calling a dr & keep us posted we really care here at baf!

IMO I think you should get to the ER immediately...and don't drive! Call an ambulance or have someone drive you! Call your neuro after you go to the ER! You're in my thoughts and prayers...but, please don't hesitate!


I echo everyone and get to the ER immediately and have it checked out.

Please keep us posted!!

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Linda your neuro IMMEDIATELY... I dropped/ spilled two glasses of water two hours prior to my second emergency....did not get diagnosed ... until a third emergency...w/numerous doctors in this same month of emergencies...

Prayers for you for instant contact w/your MDs... who have tested / diagnosed...


Hello, Everyone. I was visiting Florida when I was first diagnosed. I am still visiting. I am leaving next week. When I get back home, I will contact a neurologist and let them know about what is going on, and that I was told I have to be monitored (Which that is what I was told by the neuroradiologist that I saw down here in Florida). So, I will keep everyone updated. I just want to thank everyone for being so supportive. I really, really love the people on this website. It feels like we are one big family. I really appreciate you guys replying to my question.