Question re: variances

Are Appreciating anatomical variances little Annie’s that are starting to tear their head? Along with the one Auntie I have over in that strange spot. When they did the CT they also said that in the right middle artery in the cerebrum was and appreciated anatomical variance. Sounds very Annie like to me. Anyone know?

Hey Abbycat,
Some of the terminology within the medical field can be a little confusing to say the least. A rather common term used is ‘asymptomatic’ or ‘not causing symptoms’. For some patients this maybe correct but for others some unexplained symptoms are often labelled asymptomatic, especially when the medicos don’t have the answers or do not see those symptoms as being related. I say this because I’ve lost count of how often my symptoms were written off, for years, as either ‘asymptomatic’ or ‘idiopathic in nature’ or ‘of unknown pathology’. Technically speaking or in other words, it’s dr speak for ‘We don’t know why’.

“Are Appreciating anatomical variances little Annie’s?” Not necessarily
When they say ‘appreciated’ in layman’s terms they are really saying ‘known’. In another post you speak of a ‘cerebral variant with an azygos anterior cerebral vein’ and this is an ‘anatomical variance’, so in other words what they are saying is: They can see it on the scan, but that they already knew that this ‘anatomical variance’ was present.

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Where I get confused is that the Annie we all know is there is present but now there is this second thing that was not on the previous scans that say:

“right middle cerebral artery trijunction. The right artery is appreciated also representing an atomic variance” Since this is new ( I have never seen it on another scan) this seems they are saying that they can see something on the scan. ( this was the number two bullet point)

Cerebral variant with an azygos anterior cerebral vein’ and this is an ‘anatomical variance’, was the number one bullet point.

It sounds like two different things to me.

Again demonstrated is a superiorly projecting outpouching arising
from the distal left ACA bifurcation that appears unchanged in size
from CTA head 9/21/2018 concerning for aneurysm.

Now it says Right Posteier artery appreciated with atomic variants. ( 2021)

Sounds like there is one on each side now.

I mean one is on the left and now one is on the right. I am wondering when I fell down the stairs and broke my the ankle, There was a bump on my right side and I had a goose egg on my head even thought I did not concuss

I really am something

@Abbycat70 images are always getting better and it’s dependent on the radiologist reading them on what they note. Sounds good that your aneurysm hasn’t changed., so it’s not growing! As for an atomic variant, that’s something your Neurosurgeon can check out if they decide to do an angiogram, your surgeon may already be aware of it. I know when I have an angiogram, my surgeon looks at both sides. My arteries are tortuous, it means squiggly. While I don’t think your concussion caused this, I really don’t know. My guess is if and when your surgeon is made aware, they will just want to watch your variant. Perhaps your Neurologist will just watch it. Let us know, please.

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