Question for the surgeon?

In one of my earlier post I got great feed back so I'm hoping to do the same for this one.

I am meeting with a surgeon soon and was wondering what kind of questions to ask him. I have a few that someone else suggested but I was wondering if anyone has any that I should be asking? Here are the ones that I have so far:

Where is the Annie?

How big is it?

Would they recommend coiling vs clipping?

How many of the procedures have they done?

When was the last time they did one?

What is their approach?

Who is in with the doctor?

Staples or sutures?

What is his expectation of recovery?

Will you see the surgeon every day in the hospital?

What is the follow up like?

Which hospital?

Any other questions that I should be asking?

This will be the 1st surgeon that I meet with so I'm hoping that we click, if not well then the search for another will be on.

Thank You all in advance

Hi Angela...The only one I can add to your, "If coiled what are some of the effects ? If clipped what are some of the effects? ~ Good Luck on your visit and keep us posted ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen! I'll add it to my list.

Hi Angela,

If clipped, ask where the incision point will be and if he would be cutting thru the temporal muscle or not..Best of luck to you ! Janet

Angela, when you ask where the Annie is, if it is near your ophthalmic artery, ask more questions about your vision and any risks. Good luck with the "interview" :) Carol