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Pulsing Temple

I have been experiencing a pulsing temple the last two days. It is on the right side, the side where I had my surgery. It has been almost 8 months since I had my clipping surgery. Has anyone felt the same?
Thank you

Iam 7 months out from clipping too.Yes,I do feel that when I bend down to much.But if it’s something different then I would give a doctor a call.When I just talked to surgoen said;take 1 year for to heal.I am sorry you have to go thruogh.Hope you start to feel better.

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Thank you, Teresa. Mine happens even when I am lying down. Let’s hope that there isn’t anything serious.
Take care

I am glad for the most part you are doing well! I had a clipping but don’t recall having that symptom. Most of the time when I had something come up my neuro group was very good about returning calls or answering questions through my patient portal. I would highly suggest you contact them. In the meantime, I would check your blood pressure and make sure it is doing well. Let us know how you are doing!

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Natalie, I checked my blood pressure while my temple was pulsing and it was normal. Thank you so much for your input.

Check your pulse as well. I wasn’t clipped, coiled but when I laid down I could feel my carotid pounding away. Our new pup would often lay her head on my neck and it slowed down. So after talking to my Neurosurgeon about it, she said I could apply some pressure but not much. She didn’t want me to cut off the blood supply. I also have SVT which makes my pulse fast. Call or go through your portal and ask was excellent advice!

don’t have anything to help, except keep you wits about you and continue to ask questions

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