I signed up for this forum/support group and got a sign in complete with password. I would like my posts to be private, just for the group. I've tried the privacy settings. One of them allows me to select access to members only. I think it was my page. There follows a list of settings that make you choose between everyone and just "friends". I think there is value in open communication within the group with the option for messaging between accepted "friends". I love the site and the people and am deeply appreciative of the companionship and insights here. However I don't really want the site content to dominate what comes up on Google. I am still working and I don't want professional contacts to have access to my posts.

I also changed my posting name.

What else can I do?

Could the site developers please disallow Google to crawl all the posts?

Could all the privacy setting have the option of members only?

Hi Troy...

I have tried to help being a Moderator at this thing you can do is send a message to Ginny...she is the administrator of this site...copy and paste the above and send to her...and I hope she helps you out...~