Previous brain aneurysm surgey survivor with a new aneurysm found today

In 2003 I had brain surgery to have slips put on two aneurysms in my right carotid artery deep in my brain. This was done cranial at Barrow Neurological Institute I’m phoenix AZ by Dr. Robert Spetzler. They have now found a 3mm which size isn’t definitive wince scan was a MRA and still need more definitive angigram done. With my past history of two aneurysms that were 6&7mm deeper in the brain of same right carotid artery shouldn’t I push to have this one repaired and not just monitored. I have two children still in elementary school and feel like these aneurysms are like a ticking time bomb. They all found gray matter in my frontal lobe that is diagnostic of possible MS. I’m really scared and would love to hear others thoughts on how to move forward with this newest aneurysm. I really would prefer to have it treated and not monitored.

Hi Barbara and welcome to the site. I'm sorry that you have't received any responses. Please don't take that as an indication as to how this site works. There are some very knowledgable people here (I call them vetrans) and I'm sure you'll get more responses than me.

I know how you feel about having a ticking time bomb. Are the Dr's telling you that you should just monitor it or have they given you any options? I honestly don't know this for certain but I always understood that they tend to monitor aneurysms that are less than 5mm. Again, I dont know for sure and I also think it has a lot to do with it's location, shape , etc. I will say though, if this is causing you a lot of stress and anxiety (which I'm sure that it is) I would have a heart to heart with your medic. Then you can go over what your options are, the risks that the aneurysm carries by being left alone and monitored for awhile as well as the risk of intervention. You're in a tough position right now and I can understand why you are scared.

I know this didn't really answer your questions but I really think that this is something that only you and your surgeon can decide. If it's really difficult for you to live with, then I would do what your gut and heart tell you to do without question. Push for surgery.


First of all thank you soooo much for replying to me these last couple of days have felt very lonely. My husband has been great but without him having this in him I sometimes feel like I’m not making sense to him with my fears or severe anxiety. I just saw a neuro surgeon this morning who saw me for all of fifteen minutes but decided since I originally lived in Phoenix AZ and was treated at Barrow Neurological Institute there in 03 by Dr. Robert Spetzler that my films should be as well ad myself referred back to him. My family and I loved to the currently freezing hometown of my husband Bismarck ND two years ago. I feel I guess relieved that this neuro surgeon here thought it best to refer me back to Phoenix. I think my comfort level is much better if I deal with a neuro surgeon who had originally wrapped my previous two aneurysms. Does that make sense?

I agree that with how scared I am that I won’t be able to cope with the wait and watch diagnosis. I would love to talk with you and others lore.

I think that's an excellent step in the right direction and yes it makes perfectly good sense that your

comfort level has gotten better! :-)

I'm sorry that you are feeling lonely (but I also understand) the lonliness that comes with this. I have an amazing husband, children, my daughter is 20 and my son is 21, he'll be 22 in March, along with my parents and other supportive family members. Sometimes though, even they can't help me with how I feel inside and the lonliness that lives within me as well. This isn't easy for any of us, the you and me's and our supporters but somehow we have to find a way to live each day to the fullest and to the very best of our capabilities. Somehow, we have to find the answers and move forward with our decisions; whether it's to have surgery or not, or just how to cope with our (sometimes) limited options.

I"m always available to talk and maybe together, we'll get through all of this with the help of others and our loved ones. :-)


hi barbara,

coming from someone who had a 5mm anny rupture i would have it treated,,just for sanity reasons,,dont think i could go around wondering if? and when?..i hope your able to get it taken care of to alleviate the stress that comes along with those nasty things..i pray all goes well and you have peace of mind and great health..God bless