Pretend behaviors? Imaginary/hallucinations

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In September my father suffered from a ruptured BA. He has made great progress since that point but there are still many things we struggle with. One of those things being my dad seems to have some auditory and visual hallucinations that sometimes make him fearful or upset. He also insists that he is on his cell phone and will pretend to text or call, when he does not have a phone in his hand. Has anybody else experienced this? Is this a permanent thing or a part of recovery?

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@b_lloyd4 I only had one hallucination whilst in ICU, it was a result of a medication they gave me. The first thing would be to check his medications, especially the rare side effects so go straight to the pharmacological company that manufactures any drugs as they will have a list of all the side effects. In my early recovery I was put on some humdingers, one the new dog didn’t like me anymore than I liked myself. I literally called my Neurologist and told him my new dog didn’t like me and I needed off of it. Some meds cannot be stopped immediately so don’t try it with your dad!

Then I’d see if you have a Neuropsychologist where he can be evaluated. He’s far enough out from rupture that he should be a good candidate. They will be the best course to help him. I think my Neuropsychologist wouldn’t see me until after six months of any procedure and then between two and three, just said come in. If there’s no Neuropsychologist available, see if there’s anyone who specializes in stroke or TBI’s, make sure they have the specialized training and not just saying this is their specialty. All licensed therapists in the States have to do continuing education courses yearly to keep up their license and hopefully those courses have centered around neuro issues.

Hopefully more members can help out with their replies.

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Yes I have hallucinations a few times a day. I think I see things moving most of the time I think its some sort of creature and it scares me. I still have to sleep with my door shut or I think I see people walking down the hallway. I had my aneurysm in March of 2021. I hope this helps you.

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For me, it works when I tell things like that to get out, they aren’t welcome in my home or my life…it works. I think the shrinks call it facing or challenging one’s fears. I call it taking control of my surroundings. Oddly enough, I never thought of those as hallucinations. Strange, isn’t it?


Hello and welcome! Not to scare you, but I still see what I shadows, and it will be 8 years pst rupture and coiling. Please be patient and have him take his time. Best wishes, and God bless.

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