My fiance had surgical clipping done on November 17th to permanently fix an aneuryism that had come back after it had been coiled just one year before. Noone had told us that coiling doesn’t always work. In August of last year, he had constant pressure in his head which prompted his return to his neurosurgeon. They did an angiogram which was how they found that the coiling hadn’t worked and it had come back. My fiance had a rough recovery from the surgery, but is now back at work with no deficits. Unfortunately, he’s been feeling the same pressure he did before for a little over a week now. I keep telling him there is no way it could be the aneuryism again as it JUST got fixed! Is there anything else that could cause pressure in the head? I made him promise to make an appt. with his neurosurgeon if it keeps up.

i agree w/jim…asap let the dr know wats happening…could be blood pressure…is he on any meds for that? luckily my surgeons nurse was always available for questions…if i was feeling weird or freaking out about something which i did alot…its to be expected…my rupture was in oct 09…i hope he will be able to get an answer soon as to whats causing the pressure…keeping yall in my prayers for quick answers and steady recovery…take care

There are cases where a stent must be placed to keep the coils in place. In severe case, clipping is another solution. Keep after this however!

Thanks for the response. My fiance also wondered if it could be his blood pressure, so took it at home on Sunday. It was a bit high, so he rested all day and retook it a couple more times and it had come down. It just stresses him out since if FEELS like the pressure he had from the aneuryism before the surgery. It certainly couldn’t be THAT as he has THREE clips in him!

He actually had 3 clips put in on Nov. 10th since the coiling didn’t work, so that’s why the pressure is strange because he’s fixed now.

Call the Neurosurgeon now...and tell him what is going on ... he should be able to ease both your minds...I know it is so hard...because we get so tired of Doctors and pains...but he needs to call...

Keep us posted...I wish I could be more help...

Gotcha both in my Thoughts...Colleen