Pregnancy after two coiled aneurysm, planning on having a baby, has anyone any advice, did you have to have C- section, can you get an epidural

I need advice on Pregnancy after two coiled brain aneurysm, i had two open head brain surgery’s, one in 2010 and the other in 2011, the left one i had complications with i lost my speech, could not read or write. Thankfully after two long years i was back to my old self.

Myself and my hubby are planning on starting a family soon. I am anxious due to my two coiled aneurysm. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Can you let me know if any of you had c sections ,can you get an epidural ?

Thank you

Capri, Seenie here from ModSupport.

Great questions that you ask, and you will get some answers I’m sure. In the meanwhile, have you tried using the search tool (magnifying glass icon, upper right quadrant) to look for pregnancy and delivery related discussion threads?

If you join in on a thread that’s already on the go, all the other participants will get notification of your arrival and your post. Give that a try!

All the best to you


Seenie, yes i have seen threads on pregnancy from 2015, doesn’t seemed to be any recent ones.

I remember one of our members was very excited/nervous about being pregnant but she did extremely well. I hope that’s the thread you found!

I am not sure if the was the one it was from 2015!!
Call out to all Ladies that had a baby after the brain aneurysm was coiled or clipped.

Can you let me know how it went for you? What advice would you give me?

Thanks Moltroub

My pleasure!