Hello everyone. I wanted to ask for prayer tonight for my brother friends 10yr old son. He came in from playing and complained of a bad headache. Not soon after was rushed to the hospital unresponsive. They did a CAT scan that showed he had a ruptured brain aneursym. They did surgery and are praying for a good outcome. The Drs at this point don’t know he’s going to do… They said take it hr. by hr. … Please lift this little guy up I. Prayer…His name is Jacob… Tansy

God Bless Jacob...~ Oh Gosh thing for all of us adults, but a child...please keep us posted...I am praying right now ... for Jacob...May God Heal him ... and put his arms around him...~ Colleen

hi Tansy~ I sure will pray, this is the second 10 yr old boy in the last month or so. Thank you for posting so we can band together in prayer, how else would we know? Also I will take prayer request to the elders or Pastor at my Church picnic on sunday. meanwhile I'll look on line to my ministries there for prayer requests. This obviously affects me greatly having suffered on of these and having a 10 yr old nephew here at the house- I can't begin to fathom the horror their parents have. I hope this finds you well and improving, keep the faith, kids are great at healing~ Ron

Prayers sent from Australia, I have a 10yr old son called Jacob, so extra special prayers, hugs, thoughts and everything else going you’re way keep us posted <3

Definate prayers, showered with hope and grace, for Jacob and his one should have to go thru this let alone a little boy , Dear Heavenly Father , let Jacobs Gaurdian Angels shield him....and make him well.

Prayers going up for Jacob:)

God bless Jacob and I will keep him in my prayers for a short and complete recovery blessings on Jacob and his family xxx

hi tansy! just wanted to let you know the folks at cbn have e-mailed me back and are currently joining us in prayer! i'll send you a copy-take care , God Bless you and yours~~

Many, Many thoughts and prayers coming to Jacob <3 <3

May God bless him & be with him, his parents & the medical team. Lifting them all up in prayer right now. I too will pass the information on to my prayer group. I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer.

Thank all of you so much… The last I heard his condition had not changel. Still sedateted. Thank you for all the prayer… I’ll pass it on:)

Prayers form India.. I will keep him in my prayers for complete recovery.

May God bless Jacob!

Hello Tansy, i will be praying for little Jacob. Hopefully he is ok and doing better.

I will be praying for him. Dear God please see Jacob through this .