Prayer for Michele Agnew - Surgery 11-22-10

I Pray that once they block off the blood flow to the artery where the aneurysm is, that she will have normal bloodflow to the other side of her brain, and that all will be in perfect order in the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus cover Michele with your precious blood and send your angels to surround her. Guide the Surgeons hands, for we know that you Lord are the Master Physician. Heal Michele expediently with your perfect healing we ask, in the name of the Father and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit…Amen

I join you in prayer for Michele.

I pray for this too Lord, just as you did for Sue a few weeks ago. You have the power to do this, I truely believe this to be true.

She's in my ERNEST prayers. ANY one on this site is WELCOMNE to E me: marianne_39506@hotm

My PC will BE just MINE (People who used it have gone to the Alzs wing here) Alden Pointe Assisted Living/#2 Courtland Drive/Hattiesburg, MS 39402. I no longer have a checking acct or access to money....I would TRULY consider it a gift from the Angels (Yes, I DO believe in them, mine has been 'Grace' as long as I can remember)

Oh: To replace my 'Betsys bracelet' that was broken. I have a SAFE/HIDDEN place to keep it when I take it off.

I also have set up a special place on my desktop 'Windows Messenger' to put my 'annie' friends. We have all been in a terrible storm, however we are seriously one in FIFTEEN who LIVE (My DOCS stat)