Post Stent blues

Hello folks. Been a while since I last posted. Since my coiling of 2 ICA aneurysms in 2010 i have been great. some headaches, but no seizures which has allowed be to get back to normal life working and enjoying all life brings.

I have however just had a pipeline stent placed across the parent artery of those two previously coiled aneurysms. (16mm and 23mm) and whilst everything went well with the procedure, 4 weeks on i have taken a SPS episode which has completely brought my world down. It is thought that these were caused by swelling associated to the procedure.

I know I should be grateful for being a survivor and i am very luck to have been taken care of by so many great people in Glasgow.

I knew the stent was scheduled, I opted for it in order to make things more 'safe'....and i identified this as a new beginning for me. The end of a horrible spell and the beginning of the rest of my life. But this seizure last week has changed everything. Depressed beyond belief. lost drivers license, bleak outlook and a realisation that I will never be my old self again. i am SO down. i know there are folks worse off than me and even the guilt of feeling sorry for myself is a getting to me.

Hello Stephen, i'm sorry for what's happened tp you. Things will get better, patience is the key. You can only get better from here.Look after your self.

God Bless

Hi Stephen! I know how you feel brother- I am 4 yrs post sah and permanently disabled, cant see left so i'm afraid to drive-tried the back roads going slow but it was too scary and dangerous. We must remain as positive as possible and when negative thoughts come - put them away with prayer and meditation. Have you tried relaxation dvd's? or quiete music? Wow guilt of feeling sorry for oneself is a profound statement- so true, these are the negatives that we must face and battle with-the war is ongoing but i'm sure that is no great revelation! The old us and the old ways are gone way too quickly but as you said things could be so much worsei just hobbled back from the shower- thank God i can still do that! Well gotta stop now- i could yap all day-lol-glad your here- we can help each other hopefuly-c-u round-God Bless you and yours!

Thanks for your kind words Nikki and Ron. One day at a time eh?

You are Human Stephen...don't be so hard on yourself...I believe everyone could use a day of feeling what they need to feel...but from there .. we must pick ourselves up and put things in perspective and list all the good things life has to offer...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Of course you are right Colleen. I’ll get there.

Yes ... you will Stephen "one step at a time..."...sending some hugs out to you ...

yw!! hey Stephen -stop by the chat room if youd like, a bunch of us from al over creation are usually there yappin it up--or- just keep writing here- I know chatroom is not everyones cupa tea. Somehow writing your thoughts down is really helpful~take care bud


I am saddened for you for the results of this recent procedure...hope you have connected w/the Groups PED/Pipeline...thank you for sharing here, too...

Prayers you will let yourself feel/sense...and, then let that part heal, step at a is human to have feelings...and that you can feel blessed you were not driving at your first, hopefully only, occurrence...