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Post-Stent and Coiling Issues

Hi! I had a leaky, but unruptured, aneurysm in my left ICA that was coiled and stented in Dec 2019. I just had my 6 month MRA and the vessels are looking good, no growth in the aneurysm, stent is patent, all positive. My neurosurgeon took me off of Plavix- I will remain on aspirin for life.
I have been ‘floaty’ for days. Dizzy sometimes, but more like waves in my brain when I’m standing perfectly still. I have no headache, no other symptoms but it’s unnerving as the only time I ever felt like this was when my aneurysm was leaking. Of course, I feel like I’m going crazy…thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the group LizH! It’s a really good thing to have great news on a stable aneurysm, good for you!

Remember we can’t give medical advice. So the first question I would like to ask is have you talked to your surgeon about being dizzy? That being said, I would suggest you look at your blood pressure, if you’re eating correctly and staying hydrated. If all that is ok, perhaps you’re having atypical migraines. It’s a guess, but my BH gets dizziness and the neurologist diagnosed it as atypical. If I recall correctly, our PCP made the referral to the Neurologist.

Hope other members will chime in with their experiences. Please keep us posted, it’s a great way for us to learn

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Thanks. Yes, I totally understand that we can’t give advice but I’m grasping at straws here. My neurologist thinks it may be because I came off the Plavix. I have a MRI scheduled for next week. In the meantime, I’ve stopped driving. My blood pressure is normal and thankfully, I’m not having any pain but it sure is scary.

I can’t help you there, I was coiled, coiled, and then coiled for third time with balloon assist. After the rupture I was taken off the low dose aspirin I had been on for years. My Neurosurgeon doesn’t want me on any NSAIDs or blood thinners. The Neurologist we used to see had put us both on Magnesium Oxide saying that folks in the U.S.A. tend to not get enough magnesium in their diet. I found this, you’ve probably already researched it…

Hello LizH,

In my experiences, I had the same issues; low energy, dizziness, easily distracted to name some of them. I had coil surgery back in 2013 at first I thought that it was going to be something temporary, however, I still have some of the symptoms, some have gotten better but, I also have some new issues such as facial pain. and chronic migraines. the brain is very complex organ and is hard to find a good neurologist that can help you to have a quality life. in the other hand some individuals go through the same procedure and they are back at work with in few days. I have consulted more than 10 neurologist, more then one after performing n evaluation have told me" I’m sorry but is nothing I can do for you" . Thank god during my many hospitalizations, I found a really good doctor at Cedar Sinai. No, you are not going crazy is the nature of the beast.
best of luck to you!

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