Post-Op Help for My Mom...Where to go from here?

Aneurysm-August 6th, 2011

Discharge from ICU to amazing rehab hospital-September 20th, 2011

Rehab Hospital to Terrible Nursing Home-October 15th

Nursing Home to Home-November 16th

My Mom, 47, who is now home and in my care most of the weekdays is making progress but I can definitely tell she is going to need a lot of help. A few facts:

An OT therapist will be coming for the last time this week.

Last appt. for speech is this week.

Last physical therapy is this week.

They are recommending her to an outpatient program now but it depends on her insurance. She will be losing her employer insurance in January then we will go from there. I have contacted many local non profits for help. Hopefully she takes well to the outpatient. Anyone have recommendations for outpatient therapy with a speech, OT, and physical in Pittsburgh?

As for a psychologist. Did this help anyone? I just watched the webinar on sleep and mood disorders. My mom is definitely depressed, slowed down, has cognitive disorders, and hates me for helping her. She only eats if I force her to wheel into the kitchen with me. I do not care if she is mad at me in the present. It will only help her in the long run.

How do I get my mom motivated to use her braces and do therapy with me after her specialists leave? Doing these exercises a few times a day will help her. She is supposed to be wearing her arm braces 24/7 to help reverse the atrophy and build muscle tissue in her arm that has muscle spasms and is hypersensitive. She fights me so hard to wear these. I can only get her to wear them for a few minutes at a time.

She seems to be having flashbacks from the nursing home experience. She is terrified of doctors now. How to aid in this? She went to see her physician on friday and flipped out as if she was having a claustrophobic attack and would not stay to finish the exam. She mentioned, after a lot of jibberish since she has trouble communicating, that everyone would think she was crazy if she told the truth. I am really worried something happened in the nursing home. I am in the process of trying to figure this all out. She fell a lot at the nursing home, her bed alarm would go off and even when I was there they would delay coming in to check on her for at least 8-15 minutes. They also gave her the wrong medication on one occasion. They will not release the incident reports to us. I am trying to seek legal help. Since all of this happened that I actually know about I am hoping there is nothing else that I do not know about.

Thank you very much for reading and offering your advice. I really appreciate it and hope my mom can get to the point you are all at someday.

i think her attack was panick maybe some meds? your mom will use them when she feels ready, these things take time,did you read the letter from your brain??? Just keep reminding her not all places are the same and she will see, it takes time trauma takes alot of time to get over. As for insurance see what the state has to offer.She's coming out from the dr seen to life again she needs to adjust.

Jessica...prayers for your mother, and you and all the family. Care is stressful and draining to spouses/family; not just the patient. I am so sorry for all you all are going through at this time.

If you are seeking her records, secure them from the hospital and Rehab Center, too. When you request them, ask for the chart to secure the clinical data which presumably support the written records. If you request CD/DVD of any/all radiology; i.e. angios, MRI/A, CT/As, Dopplers, standard x-rays; ask if they provide the DICOM data as well. Some facilities provide that, others do not.

Re: the nursing home records, call your State Dept of Health and ask them for help. On the other hand, I had a "collision" while in the main hospital Rehab who did not tell my family any of it; they did bill my insurane for the x-rays they took of my lumbar spine; and, there are so many other things similar. I can well understand your mother's reaction; seeing a doctor readily triggers my N/V. I elected to share this, because your mother's memory may be prior to the nursing home. I hope that the main doctors provided referral to a neurologist for diagnosis and recommendations of the next steps. Check with your local social security office for help for disability coverage. Except for the wealthy, the finance impact can be further emotionally damaging to a recoverng patient and, again, to the family. With all the economic changes all states are going through, it gets confusing as to what is currently available. Transferring your mother to outpatient care increases the private/personal costs of gas and parking; and, your strength to get her in / out safely for both of you.

Prayers for you for each step.


Hi Sweetie...You have alot on your is a long journey and often hard on the caretaker...I suggest you talk to either Patient advocate and/or Social worker at the get some help for mom ... also, you can request the needed paperwork...

Depression is very much part of this journey and needed to be expressed to neurologist ... he/she can give meds and find a support group or some talk therapy...sometimes if one can get out of the depression, they will have more energy to improve and fight to rehabilitate...

Please keep it here ... I want you to know you are not alone...Prayers your way...Colleen

This was extremely helpful and comforting. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Thank you for your compassion. Yesterday was a hard day when I wrote this. For some reason whether it be from your prayers or my motivation she was 100% better today. Of course there are good and bad days but reaching out on here really helped. I definitely am researching looking for a liason to help guide us.

Thank you!