Post coiling follow up

My spouse is 5 months post stent-assisted coiling and we’re told that there is “more robust filling” of ACA aneurysm. Is this common so soon after surgery? Also, has anyone ever been tested for possible allergic reactions to coiling or stent materials? Spouse has symptoms similar to a histamine reaction.

My wife needed more coiling at six months. At that time they added a stent, and all has been good ever since (in December that will be seven years!). So, yes, that additional filling can happen. In her case the coiling had compacted. Concerning the possibility of allergic reactions, I have not heard of it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that it is possible. In our case it was not an issue.

Thank you. She has decided to move forward with the second surgery so hoping for a great outcome.

Do you have an update Debm?

She did have the second surgery and it appears to be successful. Outcome much better than first so we are hopeful. Now working with a neurologist on secondary symptoms such as Raynaud’s.

We were concerned because of stent from first surgery but they were able to get coils past it so no need for a flow diverted thankfully. MRI/MRA next month-feeling optimistic and she is back hiking some smaller trails.

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Hi,i had coiling in 2008.I believe it was relatively new in Ireland at the time.

I was only an hour off a flight from Florida when i got a very bad headache (classic symptom) and after a few hours i was taken to a walk-in clinic as my own doc was not available.I was sent home and told take painkillers.
My daughter came to visit later and found me talking gibberish,she rang the clinic and a different doctor told her to get me to a hospital as soon as possible.
I was sent to Cork 60 miles away and had my coiling done 4 days later in the right side of my brain.

I was back at work 4 months later in good health with no damage mentally or physically and i have had no problems whatsoever since.

My last check up was 5 years ago when a catether was inserted through my groin and dye put into my brain,i never liked the very hot feeling when this was happening nor lying still for 4 hours before being released.
I could say a lot more about the whole 10 year experience but i do not wish to bore anyone.

I just want to give hope to those who have an aneurysm like me that a full recovery is possible.Ihave just turned 7 5 had a new knee fitted 6 months ago and am back playing golf and have no trouble walking 4 or 5 kilometers a day.