Post Clipped aneurysm with flow signal after 8 years of surgery

I had two aneurysms clipped in 2015. I had follow up test last week to check the two that were clipped and the 3rd aneurysm to make sure no growth. The MRA test came back with flow signal with one of the aneurysms/clips. My neurologist called this morning and has me following up with surgeon next week. Does anyone know what treatment happens with that or if surgery will be required? Got my nerves going crazy worrying.

That’s a lot to take in isn’t it? And I would be in the same boat as you with all the worrying. I can’t recall reading about a member having this, but that doesn’t mean much. I did find this article Intracranial post‑clipping residual or recurrent aneurysms: Current status and treatment options (Review) and it looks like one of three methods can be used.

I do hope members with clips that have shifted come and tell you their experiences and treatments offered.

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Question for those who had craniotomy: I am about 3 months out from my surgery and I have an area between my eye and ear on my face where the chewing muscle was cut that is out further than normal. Is this normal? Does it ever reduce in size? It gets very irritating from the arm of my glasses. Thank you.