Positive Thoughts: Find the "JOY" in the "JOurneY"

Happy Thursday everyone!

I've listened to both the Short Version and the full speech of Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM graduation and certainly does plant just so many seeds & is full of valuable Life Lessons that just may change the way we think when we listen with an Open Heart. No matter what curve balls Life may throw our way; we always have the "Choice" to determine how we respond to it; we can allow for it to break us or to Propel us into our "New Normal" that just may amaze us all! I'm staying focused on always looking to find the "JOY" in my "JOurneY" :-)

Just a few sneak peeks, noted below, for the seeds that have been planted in me and will be watering & nourishing these seeds each & every day thru my Journey.

"Hope walks thru the Fire and FAITH leaps over it"

"You can Fail at what you don’t want; so you mine as well take the chance of doing what you LOVE"

I encourage you to go to www.YouTube.com and listen to the short version & the full speech that could just change our lives when we listen with an Open Heart.

- Short version: This single last Minute of Jim Carrey’s speech may change your life forever. It's only 1 minute long!

- Full Speech: Full speech: Jim Carrey’s Commencement address at the 2014 MUM graduation.

Much Love & Many Hugs to all of you!


Hi Michele. I hope you are well. Thanks for the mention of Jim Carey commencement speech. Some of his topics pertained to what we’re going through right now. Especially when he said “the effect we have on people is our greatest currency.” Me, coming to this site was a blessing. The survivors here, have played an important part in my recovery from a SAH. I’m forever thankful. Also he said,“you can go about life with Love or Fear-choose Love don’t let fear turned you against a playful heart.” How true sometimes we have something major as surgery or minor,an angiogram and we’re so fearful even though, it’s vital

that we have to do it. We’re filled with so much Fear if we choose Love instead we’ll be able to follow through. Jim Carey said many things some serious but always with a sense of humour. Sometimes in our trauma, we only see darkness! We’re unable to laugh but it’s the best medicine. Do you know Jim Carey suffered from depression? And he’s still laughing and makes other people laughed too. Survivors, please find a source of humour and laughed everyday! I know it’s difficult. Perhaps it will eased the burden. Keep the faith.

Hi Kimlin,

Sounds like Jim Carrey's commencement speech had a similar impact on you as it has on me and Thank You for taking the time to share your beautifully said "words of Wisdom" - much appreciated and couldn't agree with you more :-)! Especially, how we need to find that source of humor and be sure to laugh everyday - laughter is truly the best medicine for the heart & soul; even on the darkest of days and when we just have to lighten up sometimes and laugh at ourselves.

Thank you again and as Jim says; give FAITH a chance. I hope your day is being good to you Kimlin!