Plavix to Generic Brand~

I am a little nervous about having to change from plavix ( which by the way was working well~ I mean I haven't had a stroke or anything just bruising and that is to be expected) So why change a good thing. My Motto is "if it ain't broke then leave it alone" . My nerves are on edge. My anxiety level is rising by the minute. Does anyone else out there feel the same or am I making a mole hill into a mountain?

I am just curious and anxious!!!!!

Thank so much! and I will send you a personally message with the name of my medicine.

You make me feel a lot better about my new meds. And I feel my Doctor would not have ok the rx if it wasn't safe.

Lots of Hugs!!!


Elke, I have just had the same exact thing happen to me...I have a few more Plavix pills to take then have to switch to the Generic. Would you mind checking the one they have sent me as well? Would so appreciate it...I, too, am nervous about the change. So, Tiffany, thanks for posting!


Just to update my doctor called and said that the neurologist were waiting for the generic to come out. He said it is the same medicine the only difference is who is making it and the COST.

So that made me feel better! Like Elke said that the pharmacial company is using the same ingredient that the Plavix company is using. So my Doctor said I will be fine.

Thank Goodness it`s a load off my mind.

Thank you Elke for everything!

I hope this help you feel better Cece!!!

Lots of Hugs!!!


Is this the drug that you have take for 21 days after a burst anni?

oh, I would imagine I don't have a stent then...Thanks for clarifying for me! (that 3 week drug was so expensive because of no generic!)

I just switched to the generic. I do not see a change yet but it has only been since sunday. I will keep you posted. My nervousness now, is the dr that I won't be seeing any more now is trying to take me off all thinners completely in July and just stay on the baby asprin. I am terrified. I go see a new neurologist on tuesday and am quite nervous about the whole thing. I am with ya sister.

How long is everyone usually on Plavix with a stent? I could have sworn he told me differently befor my coiling.

Rhonda, I believe my doctor said I would have to be on Plavix or generic for 6 mons. and then just on a aspirin for life. I do believe that is what was said to me and my husband agrees. He was there with me when the Doctor told me that.

Hope this helps if not call and ask your doctor. Hey we`re the reason they have a job!!!lol Good luck!!

Lots of hugs!!!


Now he says off the plavix the end of July and on asprin forever. I had my coiling in April so, I at this point, I hope it is a curb I am stepping off of and not a cliff I am jumping off of.....

I guess its a leap of faith either way. He is the "expert" I am just nervous.

Thank you for the response though. Have a great day!!!!