Pipeline Experiences

Hi, I'm Julie. I am finding the UI of this site a bit confusing. Please forgive me if commit an ethical blunder in posting. :-)

I have an unruptured 5mm x 3 mm annie in the superior hypophyseal ophthalmic segment. The doc I saw two years ago at the Oregon Health Sciences University said I should just leave it alone. But, then he retired and my new doc there is hot to pipeline it (after checking it out on an angiogram first). His main rationale is that even though odds of a rupture are fairly low, given my likely remaining years, my luck could eventually run out.

My family is pretty freaked out and liked the old doc's advice much better. Can anyone offer some experiences with pipeline? Or even just general thoughts about playing the odds?

Thanks, Julie

Differing opinions about whether to treat or whether to monitor are common, I'm afraid. Checking Groups at the top of the page for the Pipeline group and reading past discussions there may be helpful to you, Julie. In your situation, you may feel more comfortable getting a third opinion. We are well represented here by both those who are being monitored and those who elected to treat their annies, but every situation is different, and none of us here can know which is more appropriate in your case.

Hi Julie I’m in the same situation though with
Two mirrored Annie’s. All
Drs have recommended treatment ( I’ve seen 5 teams!) though all
Also say rupture in this location is quite low. You
Need to take into account the shape of the Annie (is it
Berry or irregular? Wide
Neck or small) , if they’ve changed at all, and your age .
I’m currently trying to
Decide if I have clipping or Coil + flow diverter, pluses and minuses with both. Waiting doesn’t make
My family comfortable though I have considered it.
In any case suggest you get a 2nd, even 3rd opinion before you take a decision. Good luck!

Hi, thank you, Madere and Cathy. I called around yesterday and it seems that OHSU's Dotter Institute is the only game in town (and by town, I mean within 150 miles of me). But, I will check with my PCP to see if she knows of anyone else. If not, do you know of any teams in other locations that would do a remote second opinion (just based on my records)?

Hi Jules, go online to Barrows Neurological Institute based in Phoenix, Arizona. They have something called the second opinion program. For a fee of $100, if you’re willing to spend that amount, they will review your angiogram and supply you with a second opinion report. They are one of the best places in the U.S. as far as treating aneurysms are concerned. I did it when there was no agreement among local surgeons of how best to go about treating my aneurysm. I am going to NYU and having an attempt at a pipeline exactly one week from today.

Patty, thank you so much! I am definitely going to do that (just need to get the angio first).

Best wishes on a successful pipeline. I assume you will be reporting back?

Yes, I will let you know how it goes. If everything goes as it should, I should be getting discharged exactly one week from today after spending the night in the ICU. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly without complications and that the doctor will be able to place the stent as planned. I’ll let you know. >

JulesDread said:

Patty, thank you so much! I am definitely going to do that (just need to get the angio first).

Best wishes on a successful pipeline. I assume you will be reporting back?