PICA Aneurysm

I have recently been diagnosed with a PICA aneurysm. It is measured to be 1-2mm in size on the MRA.
I will admit that I have done some reading about PICA aneurysms and it has left me quite afraid. It seems as though PICA aneurysms are rare. Not exactly what you want to hear. I live in New England and will be traveling to Boston on March 3rd to see Dr. Adel Malek. I figure this is a start to see what he says.
Does anyone on here have experience with these PICA aneurysms? Are there particular Neurosurgeons that specialize in the treatment of PICA aneurysms?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. From what I have read it seems as though I will be monitored since it is so small. It’s a little stressful to think about as there seems to be a small window between them being to small to cause issues to them causing issues.