Phantom dripping feeling?

Has anyone felt a dripping feeling coming from the incision site that was not real? Every so often I will feel like something is dripping, but when I touch it, there is nothing there. My husband has checked also and sees nothing. He said the incision site looks good. I talked to a nurse yesterday, but she had never heard of it. She said it could just be the nerves. What gives?

Hi Terri,

Humm...No I can't say I recall anything like that...It must just be the nerves, which I think would make sense..Do you have stitches or staples? How is everything else going in your recovery?

Hi Janet. I have stitches. My husband keeps checking them and says they look good. The recovery is going slow as expected. I set little goals for myself each day and have been meeting them. Sleeping is still a little difficult. I can't seem to get my head in a comfortable position, so I usually wake up with a strained neck.


I felt that and it also felt as if the surgical site was “asleep”. Sort of a tingly feeling. My neurologist told me it was from the nerves being so agitated. It did go away after a few months. Now it’s a little numb where the dent in my forehead is. Hope that helps ^.^