Peripheral Neuropathy

Just wondering if anyone has experienced peripheral neuropathy and sensitivity to hot and cold and pain on the opposite side of your ruptured aneurysm. For example, I now have right sided peripheral neuropathy and sensitivity to cold and hot touching my right side (like water temp.) as well as cold weather hurting my right side extremities and pain in my joints on my right side after having a left ruptured aneurysm.

Hi rupture, but coiling and complications during surgery...anyways, I have 3rd nerve palsy and trigeminal neuropathy...the last couple of days (I am at my home in Indianapolis) the cold and snow have left my right eye closed and pain in my face and nose...often the major changes in temps causes this for me...anxious to see other responses~ Colleen

Ps...even the headaches are worse...


I too am very excited to see if anyone else has this problem. I'm sorry the weather bothers you, I can't imagine living up north or even visiting at this point in my recovery. Stay warm and talk with you soon..