PED vs Bypass to get rid of a 2 cm Brain Aneurysm


My 10 years old son has a giant (2 cm diameter) aneurysm in LICA. He had an angio last week and we are exploring options for treatment.

Dr. #1feels that the size and location warrant the PED. Which is less invasive and 98% successful rate.

Dr. #2 concluded that PED would be second choice. PED can cause coverage of the ophthalmic artery and may lead to retinal ischemia. Bypass would be first choice. Invasive procedure with 85% success rate.

We want to make an educated decision and need your help to tell us what procedure you had (PED or Bypass) and results. Also if you would recommend it.

My son also has a condition known as PRS, does anybody has that condition too?



I have an annie roughly the same size. I am choosing after living with knowing it's there for 5 years to have PED surgery, which is actually tomorrow. I know it's a very difficult decision to make. I chose the PED because of the success rate and the idea that the the parent artery is left intact. It must be scary for you as a parent and for him as a child. We are here for any support your family may need.

Kelly B

Thanks a lot and good luck with the procedure today. I will keep you in my thoughts.