Pain under chin over Carotid Artery

Hello, it has now been nearly 7 months with this pain behind my right eye and right temple. I have developed a new symptom. At the back of my jaw directly over my Carotid Artery, I have been getting a squeezing, aching and cramping like pain there. It’s like it’s following down from behind the right eye. I also still have the pulsating tinnitus in the right ear. I am only 21 and I can’t cope anymore. I am pestering doctors but they won’t do anything for me. They are saying that the MRA came back clear so won’t do anything else. I am scared that a small aneurysm has been missed, even more sure now I have the neck pain. My half sister had a brain rupture in her late 30’s and I’m scared that it’s me next. I can’t cope anymore. I’m getting no help and I feel like I’ve just been left to die. What am I supposed to do anymore. I don’t have anymore money to do more tests privately.

jen33, I’m not sure what we can do to help as a group. The tests keep coming back negative. Our experience is with aneurysms and ruptures.

We understand your fear and different areas of pain are real. Stay with your primary doctor as they can help with issues. Tinnitus can happen to anyone at any age. There’s not much can be done about it. It’s not life debilitating, only a nuisance.

Check into receiving cognitive therapy to help you learn to deal with your fears and enjoy university. In fact, therapy may be at no or very little cost at your university.

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Have you seen an Ear, Nose, Throat? In this way, you can get an evaluation of the jaw and tinnitus. I also had jaw and ear pain where it was a common ailment and was treated. It is another datum point. If the ENT believes that more work needs to be done, you will be referred for additional testing.