Pain management post operation

what kind of pain killers are good after clipping? any experience with tramadol? Ive heard it can cause seizure and depression

HI Millie...You need to see what your Doctors recommend...every situation is different...

Gotcha in my Thoughts....Colleen

Hi Millie,

I hope your Mother is improving. I took tramadol for pain..seemed to be ok. It did not help with migraines later. My thoughts and prayers with you.


Hi Millie,

Hope that recovery goes without needing pain killers..

Thoughts and Prayers


I was coiled, but tried Tramadol for muscle pain for awhile. I do know that in order for Tramadol to work, you need to take it before it becomes bad. It never really worked for me.

After the coiling and stent, I took Oxycodone and Fioricet (which is prescribed for migraines). Both worked for me.

thanks for all the replies , good thoughts and good words, my mother was doing ok with tramadol in terms of pain management , she started feeling sharp pains every now and then from yesterday , dont know if its normal