Pain in the

I have had 2 angios and 2 coiling procedures in which coils and a stent were placed. My groin was sore for a little while after each procedure but My groin is now sore all the time since my last procedure sept. 23, 2011. It's really not a big deal guess I'm just curious if anyone else is still sore. Another thing is that while in the hospitol after the last procedure I heard and felt a pop in my groin it brought me to tears and I told the nurse she looked at it and said it looked fine. I told her well ofcourse it does from the outside but what about inside. She said she called the doc that was on that night and he said nthing toworry about .I find it funny that I was fine after my other procedures and with this one the poppongand still sore. I also wonderif it will get worse after other coiling and angio. Is scar tissue the problem? Now I'm just rambling but those are my questions and thoughts.

I wasn't sore after the initial one, and was VERY sore and swollen after the 2nd one - I think it just varies - I did go see my doc tho to make sure all was ok b/c I was so swollen.

Ooooo.. I had the same thing.. A big POP and then the PAIN.. sent me to the ER.. Took days for it to feel better...

What was the pop . I couldn't explain itto the nurses any better than that. I was trying to get out ofbed to go to the bathroom when it happened like I said it brought tears to my eyes.they shrugged it off. That was sept.23 my groin still hurts.Did they tell you what the popping was and why?