Pain in the Neck ....Stress or just another post anne/surgery sympton

Hi ya peeps re: (is it too soon?)

Just as I thought it safe to resume to a "normal" pre anne life, back to the gym, a little wine and the other!!!!!.... I have developed a pain in the neck! (and no not the hubby hahahaha)

It is not a strain or injury, as I do not wake with it, it just kinda creeps up on me, within an hour or 2 of waking and then stays with me for the rest of the day, so intensifys the usual avro headache, (which was getting so much better) so I am now back on pain relief, Poo!.... I have been told it is likely stress and am waiting for some muscle relaxers to be prescribed. I can totally understand that I have been stressed, but it seems strange that the time i feel strong enough to get back out there and positive thinking,- less stressed, that stress Is now the issue. At first I was kind of hoping it is stress as that is something I could work on, positive thinking and a healthy life style, but after a little research not so sure this is an easy battle to pick. Getting stressed reading just how damaging stress can be!..... But I am also really hoping it is not a post anne/coiling surgery sympton that has joined me late in the day. (6 weeks in recovery).

Any ideas/advice on this muchly appreciated

Best wishes to all


Thanks Jim,

Hi Gaynor...Funny you should have a pain in your neck...(and not the hubby pain in the neck)...hahaha...! I like humor...I have been complaining of pain in my neck for about 3 starts in my neck and goes up in my head...but then Sunday I got one of my really bad headaches...and pain in my just head...still have the headache, just not as bad as Sunday...but no pain in neck...can't figure it out...I am feeling very stressed about my uncoming angio I am thinking this is why??? The muscle relaxor's should help you out...

Keep us posted on how you are doing...

Cyber~Thoughts going out to you...Colleen

Hi Gaynor, I often get a very fatigued feeling in my neck/shoulders. I had a rupture/coiling about 4 years ago and then surgery/stroke 3 years ago. I suffer dizziness and balance issues and think that I hold my shoulders real tight sometimes when I am dizzy and that causes the problem. Sometimes, I feel like I can't even hold my head up any longer. Not sure if this is similar to what you are describing. That's my story.


Thanks Colleen,

Hope your head hurty has improved!!!! I'm begining to think/HOPE the neck issue is stress, Cuz I really don't want to Stress about it being yet another suprise Post sympton come a knocking uninvited to my door!!!!! So with that in mind, I'm going to take my muscle relaxors, relax, Stress-no more about it and wish you all the best with your angio check up, which I am praying shall be just fab!

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Hi Shelly

So sorry to hear you have dizziness and balance issues, I am fortunate just getting minor head hurtys, but guess 6 weeks coiling is still new, so can be expected. My neck pain is not as bad as not being able to hold up my head.... just ...well just being a right pain in the neck!!!!! (as you may tell really trying to convince myself its nothing too serious, Positive, stress free thinking) Started the Muscle relaxors todays so will let you know how that goes.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Gaynor,

I had coiling done november,2010 I still get headaches daily...but getting better. I also get pain and burning feeling in the back of my neck and head. Doc put me on some pain meds, it helps some, he says it is most likely from stress. due for 6 month angi in june

Thanks Deb,

Muscles relaxor seem to be helping so gonna work with that, wot a strange world I now live in when stress is the better option!!!!!!!!!! Durrrrrrrr...... Good to hear your headaches are getting better as time goes on. maybe I am just being too impatient?

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hi Ya peeps

Just to update on the ol pain in the neck....I think it may well have been a combination of both too much too soon and stress as I have totally took 1 step back and 3 steps forward!!!!! I Stopped taking the painkillers and took the muscle relaxers, stopped bouncing around the gym , instead taking a leisurely stroll around the lake, not been surfing the net for answers, been playing the daughters wii., and finally stopped stressing about the forementioned and am feeling soooooo much better, even the avro headaches have improved,

So once again your support and advice ( Try not to stress, do things in moderation and listen to your own body.) were correct and appreciated..... Hope everyone is well and happy!!!!!

Best Wishes


Hi Gaynor...

Glad u are listing to your is so true...Be well...enjoy taking things "one step at a time..."

Have a nice evening....Cyber ~ healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Thanks Colleen

Hope all is good with you!!!!!

I had my crani on Feb 24th . I returned to work on May 2. On May 3 I began having massive stiffness in my neck and shoulders and muscle knots throughout my back. I hate my job, it got even worse when I went back. I'm now actively and aggressively looking for a new job. I definitely think stress is more difficult to tolerate for me now.

Sounds like you got it all figured out yourself...too much, too soon. I have to do certain things slower's just the way my life is post-annie. So glad you're feeling better. I know how every ache and pain can increase the stress because you don't know whether it's a minor thing or annie-related. Been there, done that...bought the t-shirt. LOL Stress is a major cause of my headaches too, and the next 6 months will bring lots of it. Oh, goody. Hang in there and take care of yourself!