OTC medication and Angiogram test

I feel nauseated every day should someone in my condiction take a OTC pill for this problem? Do angiogram tell the age of a aneurysm? Can any one answer my questions? I am new at this I am so thankful to GOD for all of you I know I am not in this along Thank you all very much for helping me:)

Hi Diana...when I am nauseated...I usually take 1/2 of dramamine and that helps me...this is when I have stomach bug, etc., however, I donot know what is causing your everyday nauseated feeling so therefore I think you should see a GI Doctor to help you out...if you don't want to see a GI...call your Doc's office and ask for the Nurse...she/he should be able to help you out...

~and ~ I am sorry...I donot know if angio's tell the age of an annie...but maybe someone here will know that answer...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Diana, welcome ...

I munch uncrystallized ginger from Trader Joe's...their shipment (from Thailand) has been held up for distribution here because of the floods over there (related to checking its status). I really miss it; this reminds me to call them and ask if it is in yet...I will order a box when they are in to not have t oworry about it. It works great for me; do not know if it will help others.

Somehow, the neuros can judge age of aneurysm, if congenital, etc..

Prayers for you finding the right relief from your nausea. Do call your MD, too



kathy just addressed her nausea issues; so you two can begin to open up more info on this, starting with your mutual timing on this.

Diana, I cannot remember if you have had your treatment, if clip or coil.