Open surgery

I have not yet seen my consultant but recieved a letter saying i will be offered open surgery. Does that mean i could be given either a stent or clipping?

I had coiling and a stent That was put in through the femoral artery up through my groin. I'm pretty sure that open surgery means clipping.

Wow...never heard of open surgery term...anxious to see what others say this means...

i read that somewhere and it has to do with how the procedure is done, try to look it up .

Thanks Amanda. The letter said that I wasn't suitable for coiling. Im anxious to find out. x

Thanks Laurie. I will do that and If I find out anything interesting i will share it with you all xx

you have an aneurysm, your doctor may recommend conventional "open surgical repair." In open surgery, the aneurysm is exposed through a long incision. The arteries above and below the aneurysm are clamped to prevent bleeding while a tube of fabric is sewn to the ends of the aneurysm

Thanks Laurie, I now have an appointment for next week so hopefully i will get all the answers. thank you for taking the time to help xx

your very welcome.