One Year Anniversary

My aneurysms were discovered a year and a day ago (who's counting, right?). One was coiled and stented, two are on the watch and wait, but my 6mos f/u angio was nothing but good news.

I just want to share this - as I remember so well when all of this nightmare started, and how scared I was that I wouldn't live a day, let alone a year! And I'm FINE! I survived the surgery, the follow up angio, and am living. I have to admit that I don't think I've had a day without it crossing my mind, but it doesn't derail me. This website has been instrumental in my experience of feeling supported and understood and reassured. I met a woman yesterday who is going through chemo for breast cancer, and we watched our little guys play little league, sunny day in the park, aware that life gives so many of us so many challenges, but we survive, we go on.

So - 6 more mos until the next follow up (which will be one year since the angio - but will now just be MRA thank GOD!).



how big is your aneurysm that was coiled and stented?

congratulations jaycie! God is good…so happy for you n praying for annyfree life with lotsa good health,love n happiness to boot…lol…

A wonderful anniversay for you; congratualtions with hugs and prayers for your next aniversary(ies).



Can u Believe it??? One year...Congratulations sweetie...!

You were and continue to be so instrumental in my healing ... Thank~you so much~

Do something nice for You..You deserve it Jaycie...

Cyber ~ thoughts and hugs Colleen


Congrats and best wishes for you! Hugs and prayers for a continued wonderful life! Live each day to the fullest!


it was 8x11mm, with a wide neck, hence the 22mm long stent!

Yay!!! Life deals many challenges, but, I have to say that this has been one of the hardest hands I have ever been dealt! It is sooo wonderful to read these annieversary stories!

May you have many more annieversaries!!