On the lighter side =)

If most of you are like me we remember very little of our intensive care stay portion of our hospital stay....yet I have bits and pieces of memory's that have come back to me just by reading some of your stories or accounts...this can either be a good thing or a way creepy thing...LOL

I dont remember who's,what I was reading but they were talking about a male nurse & a smile came to my face his name was Mark...lets just say he had the bedside manner of an angel...lol...& then there was to protect names and I just dont care cause Nurse Ratchett fits perfect.....After they bring you out of the coma they have a series of tests they want you to preform on an hourly basis like.. asking you the date...where you were.... do I know who you are...how many fingers they were holding up....and for some godforsaken reason they would poke you to make sure you could feel pain. Nurse Ratchett however found it her personal mission to not just poke she would flippen pinch me......Needless to say by the time I was able to tell her all the information she wanted to know I was also able to fight back and pinched her back one unsuspecting day....lol ! My family was modified and apologized for my uncharacteristic behavior......but I think that was the first change in my limits of tolerance!

dee =)

You go girl! That's really funny.

Hahahaha...Dee...that is a good story...Thanks for sharing...!

Thanks soooo much for reminding me to keep my sense of humor with this story otherwise I would never have made it this far.Going in on Thursday(checkup time) for angiogram and your story reminded me of some of the things I use to do before my appointments.Like taking a walk thru the childrens ward when Im feeling sorry for myself and walking thru the halls and counting the orange(prison imates)jump suits was always a past favorite.You can always pick out the mild to serious offenders by the way they are restrained.Some will be with a guard.,some in hancuffs,some in handcuffs and leg irons,some in cuffs,leg irons and secured to a wheel chair and on a rare occasion you will run into an imate with all of those plus two guards that will guickly inform you to keep a safe distance should you get too close. I remember one particular time when I was relatively new to the annie journey,I had to go down to the lab for blood work before one of the big surgeries.Any way this was a room with about twenty beds/couchs in and you just go in take a seat and when someone becomes available they come over to take your blood then you're free to be on your way.While waiting my turn I had closed my eyes and upon opening them I found myself staring into the eyes of an elderly gentleman with a beard longer than anything I had ever seen.And with a very wide grin showing off a few of his remaining teeth he gave me one of those hey baby you're looking mighty fine and how about you and me getting together winks. The best part was when I actually had opened my eyes to take it all in I noticed the wheel chair,cuffs and leg irons all in that order! Oh well thanks again for reminding me that at times life gets a little heavy but no matter what life is good !!!!

Great idea Sue...!