"of fetal origin'

Hello everyone - I have an 3.4m annie that is being watched - due to be rechecked
In April 2012. I am the type of person that wants things done asap- but also do as
Mds advise. My main concern is I was told by MD that it being “of fetal origin” would make it
More difficult to treat - he does coils- he is highly rated- but I want to understand this and he just blows it off. Can anyone enlighten me? So glad I found this site. Marj

Hi Marj...again Welcome to BAF...!

This is the hardest for many of us ... we want action now and the aneurysm journey doesn't always work this way...most Doctors evaluate many things when many a decision...namely the percentage of rupture, one's age and health, size, location, etc., My 9mm annie was on my Basilar artery tip and was leaking...I was having bad headaches and Bp problems had arose...they coiled the aneurysm about 2 weeks after seeing my surgeons...I have another annie 2mm behind my left eye...they are watching and waiting...in my case this one is dangerous for them to touch so instead btwn them and me...we monitor things to prevent rupture...so you see it does take time...but be sure to express your concersn when you go again in April...

Cyber~thoughts your way....Colleen

Hi Marj,

The only clue that I have to what the doctor meant by it being "of fetal origin" was that at one time the thinking was that some aneurysms were congenital. That's what I was told when I had my aneursyms rupture way back in 1969.

Since I found the link to the video on the Mayo Clinic Study of Brain Aneurysms on Ben Munoz' page, I've recommended it to a couple of people. May I suggest that you take a look at it, too. I think it provides a lot of food for thought and will probably lead to some questions that you will want to ask your doctor or his associate if there is someone else in his office that you can talk, too.

Take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


how can they tell it isfetalorigin. when ihad mine they said i could have been born withnit but couldn' say even how long i had had it.when they fond mine they said it ws so scary bad i needed surgery right awaythen it was a hurry up and wait

Hey Marj,

Welcome to the BAF!!

My mom has two aneurysm's that are being watched one is 1mm the other 3. Her doctor said that she was probably born with them and they may never get any bigger. My sister has one 4mm and I had one 6.25mm, my sister is wait and watch. I had clipping Nov. 2010. The fetal orgin could mean that it might be something that has been inhertited. The best advise I could give is to write all your concerns down then either call your neuro and ask or send him an email. Chances are if your not writting your questions and concerns down then come April you might forget more then half of them.

Thoughts and prayers your way!!!


Hi Marjory, I live in Andover, MA -- I had an aneurysm clipped by Dr. Ogilvy at Mass General last April 2011 at age 63. My mother had died of a ruptured aneurysm at age 45 when I was 19. Back in 1996 I had an MRI to detect any aneurysms and it was negative. Last year, mine was detected through a routine eye exam. A neurologist and the neuro surgeon told me that I may have been born with a kink in the artery and years of living with treated hypertension was the most likely cause of the aneurysm. I don't know who your doctor is but Dr. Ogilvy and his staff are excellent and sought after around the world; he does all types of coiling, clipping, etc. Good luck to you ; prayers being sent your way.

Hi - thank you all for your replys. I am not to sure how use this web site so forgive me if I do something wrong.
I know what “of fetal origin” means. Its how the artery form in about 15% of the population. The doctor said it would just make it more difficult to fix?. Any one else have this condition.Why is it more difficult?
When they found this anny I had just been diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis. This is an inflammation of the
Arteries in your head. I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the time. Feel more in control reading all you stories God Bless you all.
I am from Danvers but winter in Miami - have MD here.

Hi Marj, and welcome. I was told I was born this way with my annie that bursted and was clipped last june. My great aunt also died from one back in the late 60s or early 70s. Can't quite remember excatly when she died. So it is possible that it was heretary. Hope you are doing well. Do not give up. May God watch over you and I am praying for you. Amy