O.k., now what do I do

The job that I had before, during, and after my rupture informed me today that even though I'm getting ready to start new therapy sessions through VRS, they can't put up with my non performance any more and will be terminated effective 10/18/14. Really? The next step right now is to apply for disability retirement, which isn't the normal SSDI, but through my work as I am a FERS employee (Federal Employee Retirement System). Even if I get approved my salary will be reduced to 60% and I carry our families insurance coverage. What other programs are out there for me to apply for for help?? I didn't think this day would really come but it has so now what do I do???

Hi Julie,
I truly understand how you feel. I lost my job because during my rehab time my FMLA ran out, so I was told not to return after my second surgery. I’m also seen a cut in my income. I suggest you talk with SSDI. Sometime we learn information from both parties and find out what may work better. As for insurance the Obama care insurance ( can’t remember the other name) may cover your family. After being on disability for 24 months I believe you eligible for Medicare. Good luck and hang on in there. Things have a way of working out…I know so well. Take care…God bless!

Thank you thank you!!!!!

Click below ... this is a resources on the BAF website...I do hope you can find some help...