Numbness in hands and feet

Has anyone experienced numbness in their hands and feet? I had a surgery on 3/24 for my ped and was put on a 5 day dose of steroids after severe headaches following the procedure.

Hi Linda and welcome to the group. Although I do experience numbness in both my hands and feet it is due to other medical reasons, and in no way related to the insertion of my PED. Like you, and for most of us, headaches are at major problem/concern after PED placement. In addition, most find that by the six-month checkup, the headaches begin to subside, along with the blood flow to the annie. I believe once you are at full occlusion and the PED is fully interweaved, the headaches become non-existent. Some of us in the group were originally told by our surgeons that headaches are not uncommon due to the fact that you have a foreign body in your brain. It is in effect your body’s way of letting you know that there is something there that doesn’t belong. There have also been others who have taken steroids, and others who have not. I personally did not taken steroids, but in fact relied on Fiorcet to help relieve the headaches. I was lucky, in that my surgeon warned my husband of the potential for headaches. Many of the members were not told up by their doctors, but instead found out after-the-fact.
Hopefully, others will respond to your inquiry.
Maybe you could supply a little more info, i.e., are the numbness problems post PED? And when did the numbness begin? Before or after the steroids?
Please keep us posted on what is happening. It’s the best info we have, meaning conferring with others in the group.
You’re in my thoughts and prayers.