Nuerologist in Singapore?

My 31 year old daughter lives in Singapore. She has been experiencing headaches for the past two weeks. The headaches seem to go agway when she lies down. She went to see a neurologist and he ordered and MRI. He does not think that this aneurysm is causing the headaches and has not rercommended any treatment. The MRI indicates a small aneurysm near the temperol lobe. The MRI also indicates a low level of celebral fluid. He has recommended that my daughter have complete bedrest for three days. I am concerned because I am not certain that this treatment is aggressive enough. I wonder if anyon knows where she can go from here. Get a 2nd opinion? Come back to the US? Have her MRI read by a nuerologist in the US? Are aneurysms of the temperol lobe as serious as an aneurysm of frontal lobe? How can I help her?

Mary Kay, I’m so sorry your daughter is going through all this, especially when you are here and she is in Singapore. Did she have a MRA at the same time she had a MRI? It checks the arteries and blood flow, where a MRI checks the structures.

If I were in her shoes I would get a second opinion ( have her Google “Neurological Interventional Radiologist + Singapore” and have her check out the top English speaking doctor she comes up with.

Have her get a copy of her COMPLETE MRI/MRA and she can also contact the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis Minnesota to email her MRI/MRA to one of the Neurological Interventional Radiologists there to run her MRI/MRA through their new IBM software that picks up 95% of all aneurysms. I wish I had a name for you to contact at Mayo, but maybe some phoning and lots of pleading will get someone to help you daughter out.

Please let us know how she is. You and she are in my prayers.

Thank you so much for your response. I have forwarded your suggestions to my daughter. Thank you also for your prayers. I do believe that prayers are so powerful!

Mary Kay

I have been trying to contact Mayo Clinic and have been having some success. I live in ILL and a doctor at Rush Universiy Hospital ( hospital is ranked #14 in neurology) who specialies in aneurysms has agreed to look at my daughter’s MRI.
My daughter also has another appointment with her doctor in Singapore tomorrow to discuss further treatments.
Thank you again for your response

Mary Kay,

I’m so glad your daughter is getting a second opinion. Is the doctor from Rush a Neurological Interventional Radiologist? If not, speak with the doctor about reviewing the MRA with a NIR if possible.

I hope the Mayo responds too!

You must be so frustrated not being with your daughter as she goes through all this. I’m so sorry. I’m sending you a giant cyber (((((HUG))))).

Thanks for the update!