Not working up to par

My Anny ruptured in 09 as I’ve said and I have since tried to maintain two Jobs. I was unable to receive any rehab, so honestly I don’t know exactly how my brain works now so to speak I know I don’t feel normal, I lost all of my math skills and I recall being a calculus student but overall I figured I could maintain a job. The first was a supervisor job which was insane for mr to take…i lasted 5 months, I couldn’t handle the book work and it seemed like the more stressed I got the Morey head hurt, the more confused I felt dizzy, un balanced, and just out of it is this normal? The next job I got was more physical but no numbers this time the physical work was too much and the same thing happened although I lasted another month longer. In 09 when I got out of care I applied for ssi, by the time I was able to be screened my speech was fine and I was moving around great. But my head feels like a mess. I can’t connect the dots inside of my head and I don’t feel like I can complete even one simple task cuz my brain is already moving on. And I sm literally spent writing this.

Hi Lynette,

If you haven't had a Neuropsychology evaluation yet, I recommend you talk to your Neurologist or Family Physician to have one scheduled as soon as possible. Having the Neuropsych test results available will help guide you, your Doctors, and Social Security and any vocational agencies to better guide you to what type of work for which you would best suited.

Having had many of your neuronal pathways rearranged or destroyed by the rupture and subsequent treatments explains why your capabilities for math seem impossible for you now. If you have any questions feel free to ask and we'll get some answers for you.


thank you Ed, I jet have to wait for this new and improved healthcare initiative to go through and get the ball rolling

Hi Lynette,

in 2009 did the hospital or Social worker arrange a NeuroPhysch exam for you? Its basicly an evaluation by a specialist and what it is about is to see how your cognitive abilities are fairing, etc. and to see if you need any therapy for anything 'lost' (you mentioned speech therapy) so I'm thinking you probably did have a Neurophysch exam at that time...but you need one now in order to be able to get any other services due you (social security benefits for instance) in order to get that ball rolling, that'd likely be the 1st step....Can you book an appt with your Neurosurgeon of 2009 or at the very least with a general practitioner so you can be re-evaluated? Undoubtably you qualify for some assistance. Knowing what to ask the doctor should help significantly in getting what you need. Peace to you as you journey thru all this, Janet

i haven't seen a doctor since 2009, i have no medical insurance.

Hey Lynette,

Yeah I know how that is ... I know that none of this is easy, and really not even a viable possibility without some sort of insurance coverage, So can you apply for your States insurance plan now that the ObamaCare Inititive is underway?

Yeh, lets hope it works my app is in

I have only had myself to get through this, no family, no spouse so it has been a lonely recovery. Thank god for donations, they paid for the most important stuff

Hi Lynette . I had my aneurysm 15 years ago when I was 26 . I also lost my mathematical reasoning skills and I went through calc as well . Eventually it came back to me though . After I lost NY job as an aircraft mechanic I was then forced back to school . ( scared the hell out of me ). While in school I had to take algebra first not bad after a while it came to me I received a b in that class . After that I had to take a trig class that was always e best skill . By the end of that I was teaching the teacher shorter and easier ways to do things . I received an A in that class . I’m don’t know if this will be your outcome but there is hope .

Thanks I hope it comes back to me, and yeh it looks like school is where I’m heading but I would like to pursue a personal fitness training career.

Hi Lynette...both Ed and Janet gave you good advice...and please know you are not alone with your symptoms...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

You really are going through a tough time. You sound like a very strong and dedicated person though, hang in there. I'm wishing you all the best Lynette!!

hi lynette, i think math gets better but you have to practice, at first i couldn't subtract--the borrowing of one from the left column really confused me, now im much better but if i didn't work at it would be on square one imo , anyway keeping you in thoughts and prayers for great improvements,i guess things could always be worse like forgetting multiplication tables etc etc

If school is where you end up Don't give up . Things are difficult at first . It took a couple months of struggling with trying to remember what I was reading 2 minutes after reading it . My short term memory is really bad after my aneurysm . The only way I can remember things is by going over it or doing it over and over until its converted int long term memory . At first this really bothered me . Like everything else in my life it was a struggle . My kids are what kept me moving forward and not just giving up . It just takes time .