Not Responsive Post Surgery - What can we expect? Do people recover?

My mother had a ruptured berry aneursym on 28th Sept. She had the typical symptoms - sudden headache, neck pain, vomiting. For a short time she had difficulty speaking but we immediately took her to hospital and she was seen by neurologist. Scans showed SAH due to ruptured aneurysm. She was kept in ICU for 7 days and had surgery to clip the aneursym on Tues 5 Oct. For the week that she was in ICU pre surgery, she seemed neurologically intact. She was on medication to prevent spasm and pain medication for headache but most of the time she was speaking normally, having intelligent conversation etc. She even asked us to bring a book for her to read. She had the surgery on the Tues and was taken off the ventilator on Wednesday as planned. It is now Sat and she is not really responsive. She opens her eyes every now and then for a short time, doesnt really seem to be aware of anything and then goes back to sleep. She also has weakness on the right side which she did not have pre surgery. Her 3 day scan shows what could be still significant swelling. Its really worrying that she is not recognising anyone and has not spoken especially as she was so normal pre the surgery. Have other people been non responsive initially and then recovered? The waiting is just torturous.

I’m sorry that your mom is going through such a difficult time and having said that, that means you and her family and loved ones are also going through a very difficult time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers for you that will give you what you are looking for. I can say however as hard as this is for you to wait for your mom to recover (even just a little bit), you might have to dig down real deep in order to maintain patience and hold on to a positive attitude. She has been through a great deal and it’s going to take time. Hopefully one of the more informed members can shed some light on this for you. Have you spoken to her medical team regarding your concerns?

i know its really frustrating but your moms brain has just went thru a major ordeal so just be sure not to rush anything and give her and her brain time to recover…i now when i first got out of surgery the dr prohibited any guest at all because they didnt want overstimulation only rest and recooping,shell get better just be sure to say prayers and slow and easy…i will keep her and your family in my prayers for a steady recovery and sound mind to be restored…God bless

I see in your note that your Mom has significant swelling on her scan. If you have not already asked, then my question to the doc would be “will my mom improve as the swelling decreases?” In other words, is her non responsive state in any way related to the swelling in her brain?