News for all of you;-)))

Hi, I just finished watching webinar from Los Angeles about Aneurysms and latest news. Doctor said info I never heard or read before, so I thought I would share. After he got question “how to prevent aneurysm from growing, what to do…” he said few advices I am going to definitely say my dear mum and hope they will help!

  1. Glass of red wine/day
  2. One aspirin/ day …he said that in huge number of people whose aneurysm never grew they found out, that they took aspirin every day.
  3. Vitamins B9 and B12.
    I was also looking for answer how many people will have the same small aneurysm which never grows and he said 80-85% of people with small aneurysm (3-5mm) will have it and it never grows, which I think is very optimistic!! Hope I helped, I am definitely very happy that perhaps I could help my mum little bit too…her is 3mm and on watching.

For all of you who would like to watch that 1hour video, if you give like on Brain Aneurysm Foundation on Facebook, then you can find this video there…I am going to have glass of red, cheers!:wink:

Thank you Fay for sharing this information...I need to start watching more of the webiner's...they sound so helpful...Colleen