New at this,,i need some advice please

hi there! I am full of advice! How can I try and help?

Hi Ann just new here in baf,,and my fiancee diagnose that she has annie,and her first appointment in her neusurgeon will be on oct 15,,but right now she always had a bad headache and she decided to take a pills (like advil extra strenght) just to lessen the pain that she is suffering,,and also she feels like she has a sinuses the annie can cause headache and pain like a sinuses??and also one time i had to run her in the hospital to have a pain killer shot coz sometimes the pills does'nt work at all..for now what is the safe thing to do??

I think Dominic ... these are all questions you should ask your Doctor...and if you feel something isn't right...take her to ER immediately...~ Colleen

hi liam,that was she worry about too by taking tha extra strenght advil pain relieve is not that good esp if she's waiting for something..when did u know about your annie??is that the first step that u have to do the clipped?? we never talk to her neurosurgeon yet,,not till monday and she always had headache that why for the meantime she take the advil then..i will tell to her try the paracetamol then for her headache,,thanks and take care :)

hi colleen,,we will do that,,just 5 more days then finally we have answer for all our questions..thank u colleen :)

5 more days,,finally she will going to meet her neurosurgeon,,hope everything will be okey..

Hi there! its been a long time that ive never open my account here in BAF ,finally on jan 9th my fiance will go for her coiling procedure please help us pray for her faster recovery and no side effects too .MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR FOR ALL OF US.

Lots of prayers for you both! =) Happy new year!