Neurosurgeon Visit

Had my first appointment with the neurosurgeon yesterday. Found out I have 9mm and 5mm basilar aneurysm and a 3mm in in left SCA. They did another CT scan to try and get a clearer picture. Have another appointment May 11 to view that CT scan and then they will schedule an angiogram to get a better look. He told me the 9mm is in an area that will be very tricky to fix because it is so close to the arteries that control many functions of the body. Chances of causing some sort of stroke are fairly high. He thinks the other two could be clipped but said clipping this one would be risky. However, because it has a large neck coiling would probably drop down. He said definately something should be done because of the size of them. After they do the angiogram they will decide which route they think would be best to go but told me the ultimate decision would be mine to make. I know I would rather have something done then to wake up every day and wonder if this will be the day one will rupture.

Hi Cheryl,

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How far is McClure from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? Is your neurosurgeon at a major hospital in one of these cities?

I pray that you will be blessed with a competent and caring medical team to guide you through the evaluation of next steps and execution of any planned treatment.

May God bless you.


Hi Cheryl...I had a 9mm aneurysm on my basilar tip artery...and it is a scary place...I was lucky that I was able to be coiled...if you donot feel comfortable with what your Doctor has told you...please seek a second have that right...

Gotcha in my prayers ~ Colleen

Cheryl, welcome...

You have a big handful in the basilar; prayers for your best opinion / coverage / decision and that you have spouse/family/friend/advocate thru your appoinments and decision.

I am impressed with your doctor being specific in explaining basilar and SCA. Is the one SCA within that artery or where it branches off the basilar? Another member recently talked about SCA and surgery/clip after her angio...While you may have time, google for basilar artery anatomy to help you with any questions for your next appintment.

Many prayers for your upcoming decisions and procedures


Thanks Carole. I live in central PA and am currently being treated at Geisinger Hospital in Danville. The doctor I saw seemed to be very caring and competent. He took quite a long time with me, explaining everything in detail. Got a call yesterday and have an appointment Monday instead of Friday.

Thanks Colleen. From what the doctor told me, it sure is a scary place to have it. He did say that coiling would probably be the safest route for this one. How long was your recovery after your coiling? I felt comfortable with the doctor I saw but he also wants me to see another one.

Thanks Pat. I have a very supportive boyfriend but as of yet I have not told any of my children about this problem. My youngest daughter is about to give birth any day now and I don't want to put this extra stress on her. Hopefully she will have the baby soon and then I will get all 3 of my children together and try to explain to them what is going on. It is going to be one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I'm sure they will be very supportive.

Hi Cheryl, how you doing?


hi cheryl,

i too had a basilar tip anuerysm..5mm..mine was a ruptured anny and was able to have it coiled entering thru the groin...blessed to have a wonderful medical team taking care of me at baylor of dallas..going on 3 yrs and am doing great..running around with my 3yr old grandbaby(shes a hand full)..i thank God for restoring my health and enabling me to do the things i was doing prior to having the anny..i will keep you inmy prayers and know that you can get thru this..prayers n hugs coming your way


I'm not far from there. Hershey Medical Center would be your alternate. Hershey uses a glue type sealing method. Given the size however, clipping might be your only choice. Good luck and God Bless!

Oh sweetie,

I am so sorry that you got this news. This is a scary thing and too have 1 let alone 3 at once, I feel horrible for you. We are here to support you...




You are blessed to have a supportive boyfriend; and, you all will be blessed with arrival of your new this your first to add to Mother's Day celebration?

Hugs and prayers,


Thanks Ed.....yeah I thought about going to Hershey but my family doctor made the appointment at Geisinger and I was very impressed with the doctor there. He really took the time to explain everything to me.....Just have to wait and see what happens from here

Thanks Kimberley. Yes it is a very scary thing. So many things going through my head right now.

Thanks Michelle.....I need all the prayers I can get right now. Hoping everything turns out okay so I have time to spend with my new granddaughter who will be arriving very soon.

Yes Pat, in alot of ways I am very blesssed. No, this will be my 5th grandchild.

Hi Shauna. I guess I'm doing okay considering everything. Some days are better than others. Can't seem to think of much of anything else at the moment.

Hi Cheryl,

I had the "glue like" procedure that Ed is referring too. It is called Onyx HD 500 (liquid embolization). It is used for wide neck annies. I had this procedure done last June. So far, so good. Prayers for the right procedure to you!


Hello Cheryl

Hope you are doing well. My prayers are with you. Let me know how the procedure went and how are you doing!! Lots of hugs and we are here for you!!