Neuropsychological testing

Can anyone tell me what is the baseline used for this type of testing if the psychologist didn’t know you before your brain surgery? I am having testing done this week and next for a total of 5 hrs. What exactly are they looking for other than short and long term recall?

I think that is an excellent question, Judy.

I went through weeks of testing after my aneurism. I noticed improvements across the board, but once the improvements started to level out I became frustrated because I knew the doctors had nothing to use as a baseline for my performance. Really the only meaningful information without a baseline is how much improvement you have managed since your first test - the new baseline.

I was tested for many things in addition to short and long term recall, including manual dexterity, physical coordination & stamina, hand strength, auditory recognition, all kinds of things.

Hopefully this is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.


Judy, This is the first time I have seen anything on this site about the neuro tests. I had an annie rupture in May 2010 and have been very fortunate because I have had no side effects. I thought I was ready to go back to work after two months. My neurosurgeon sent me also to a neuropsychologist for testing. Talk about frustrating. The testing took over four hours. I had to do math and other testing I hadn’t done in a looong time. I asked the same question about a baseline. He explained to me in a pretest interview that he would customize the test to my profile. That kind if made sense and sometime you have to assume the doctors know what they are doing. I thought the testing went well and would be released. On the follow up appointment the neuropsychologist said I have made a remarkable recovery but that some of the results were not up to par. He suggested taking off another six months. I am going to retire in a year and actually wanted to go back to work. I talked him into retesting in two months. That will take place tomorrow on 10/6. This test will not be the same and only an hour or so. Can’t wait. NOT :slight_smile: My psychologist explained to me that they want to make sure our brains or working well enough to function in our environment. Hope this a little helpful.

Tom, thanks for your reply. I really want to get back to work since I am not ready to retire. I hope that this test gets me back before the end of this month. I can’t imagine being out of work much longer since I am a workaholic. Good luck to you on your testing tomorrow. I am also waiting for my CT results from today in hopes that everything looks good for that clearance.

Hi Judy,
I had my ruptured “annie” on 7/12 & have been on med. leave. I too am seeing the psychologist for the 1st time tomorrow & per my PCP, a neuropsychologist…not scheduled yet. But soon. Per my neurosurgeon must be out until after Thanksgiving. I too am a workaholic type & so bored! Have been recovering physically nicely, except for double vision/patched eye, no driving & head pain…tired, but to be expected.
Also, good luck to Tom S. with your testing tomorrow, 10/6!
Best, Judi (with an i ! )

Well tomorrow is my testing but I am told the insurance is only going to allow 2 hours so who knows what will happen. I will wait and see. I am also seeing my surgeon and hoping he releases me to drive again. Except for being tired, like most of us and head pain from the shunt under my scalp I am feeling better each day.
Hope everyones testing goes well.

Was cleared by my neuropsychologist and all doctors to return to work. I have been very fortunate only being off for 4 months. What a shock to have this happen to me but a lot of support and love go a long way. Judi, let me know how your test goes and good luck.

Judy, My first testing took about 4 hours and I got a bill yesterday for 1300.00. I have to call the insurance and see if they will be paying more. We will see. Test yesterday took about an hour. I was cleared by all doctors to return to work. I’m happy about being almost 100%. Let me know how your test went. I also have a shunt. Have a question for you. Are you having any abdominal pain? My shunt tube going directly into my abdomen.
Thanks, Tom

Congrats on getting to go back to work. Yesterday, my surgeon decided not to have me continue the second part of my psychological testing and cleared me to go back to work on the 21st of this month. I am so happy. I have to get with someone to clear me for driving though. My surgeon says this will protect me in case of an accident( liability law). (2 1/2 mos. is considered record time.) I know the biggest factor will be fatique when I start back.) As far as the shunt, since I have only have had mine for 6 wks. I am having some addominal pain but not a lot. You should tell your doctor. Maybe they need to scan it or you lifted something you weren’t ready to lift…like me. Good luck to you!

Great news for you to get back to work. Wow, two and a half months is really fast. I was driving after two months and should be ok but you really need to be careful. As far as the abdominal pain I have had all kind of tests and a scan and the shunt is fine. I can manage the pain and it’s is getting better. Good luck with work and take it slow.

When I had that done, they asked me a lot of questions about my life prior to my anuerysms, the kind of work I did, education, ect. Then they base it of the “norm” of that age group ect.
I was amazed at what they can learn from that test, how parts of the brain function ect. It was well worth it for me, it explained a lot of what was going on and why, therefore, with understanding, I was able to deal with the defets a lot better. I am almost three years out, and I am still making progress.
Best of luck to you, I hope this helped you out.

Before last week I had not heard of neuropsychological testing but now my neurosurgeon has referred me for this. I don’t know when my appointment is and wasn’t really sure what to expect. This forum posting is quite timely. Thank you.

The test is well worth it. It does last several hours, and when I got home I was so tired, my brain was wiped out, but it was well worth it.
Good Luck.

Hi Judy & “all”: I haven’t been on this site for about 1 month. Doing well in recovery since the reuptured BA of July 12th. Still on Med LOA. On 11/30 now finally have appt with neurophyscologist. So looking forward to the results. I have same question you (Judy) had…what baseline is used? Don’t have a formal one. But we shall see! Dr. said it would be about 4 hours & my ins. comp. approved it, per him.

I had testing a few months ago and they started by getting a baseline of who I was, education, background, knowledge, etc. THis was done by a discussion with the neuropsychologist - like a counseling session. Then they completed the many tests and rate the results on comparison to what others can accomplish. SOme they explain and are simple, others were difficult for me because they didn’t explain. (That was the whole point!) They were able to determine areas of difficulty, areas that appeared to be normal, and also areas that appeared to be above average. It was a very informative test - get plenty of rest before as it was very taxing on me. I was not prepared for the lenth of time and frustration that I experienced during the tests. (My frsutration was only because I have always had high expectations for myself and the cognitive issues I have suffered because of my aneursym made some of the testing difficult for me.) GOOD LUCK!

Thanks for your quick reply! I had an idea this “4 hr” test was going to be tough on the “repairing” brain of mine. :slight_smile: Figure I will get alot out of it…where weaknesses are now ( guessing based on my knowledge of what I was, prior to July 12th). Will get a good rest the night before 11/30!