Neurologists at Johns Hopkins

Can anyone advise me about a good neurologist at Johns Hopkins hospital? My son was taken by ambulance from work last Friday after suffering a seizure there. He had two more at the hospital (Prince Georges Hospital Center) in Cheverly, MD. An MRI ruled out an aneurysm or brain tumor (thank God) and this morning he is having an EEG done. I'm suspecting epilepsy but I would like for him to follow up at Johns Hopkins. Thanks for any advice.

Oh Bonnie I am so sorry to hear this about your son...I don't know anyone at John's Hopkins, but I will keep your son close in my prayers...~ Colleen

Hi Bonnie, I had a residual part of previously coiled aneurysm clipped by neurosurgeon, Dr. Tamargo at JH. I suppose he was good. It was one weird, difficult experience. It was early Novemeber and I will return to work next week. I had a seizure and bleed in cerebullum area. Instaed of being in hospital a couple of days it was over three weeks and over a week in a nursing home. I saw a neurologist in Catonsville - seemed good, but still needs to get back to me about 24 hour EEG.

Bonnie...i do nt yet know in the planning process...too long a story here/now...other than I did gain remarkable and significant confidence to travel there...It is an extensive trip for me...

Many prayers for your son and you and all your family/friends...


Hi Mary Jo,

I've been wondering how you were doing. We were going back and forth in early November because we both had our annies clipped and I didn't see any postings from you afterwards. I hope you are doing much better now. I was out of work about 2 months. The aneurysm surgery went really well and I had no deficits but when the angiogram was done I developed a blood clot in my right leg and had to have immediate surgery to remove it. My upper thigh still feels numb as does my head but it's not too bad. I'm trying to exercise a lot every day and I think that is really helping my recovery. I'm sorry you had to go through everything you did.

Thanks for responding to me. My son has an appointment with his neurologist (Prince Georges Hospital Center) this Friday to go over his EEG. I hope it's nothing too serious, at least we know he doesn't have an aneurysm or brain tumor. He went back to work today, he's able to carpool with someone from work since he won't be able to drive for 90 days. I'm so glad to hear from you and that you're okay! Take care,


Thanks Colleen, he's feeling much better now.

Thanks Pat, I really appreciate your prayers and thanks for responding. I hope everything works out for you. Take care,